Worth a thousand words — or a thousand roses

I saw this for myself last weekend:

Every year for Mother’s Day, people donate roses in honor of their mothers at the Basilica Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe in Orlando, Florida. They had some 10,000 on display the last two weeks. The celebrant pictured above is the shrine’s rector, Fr. Paul Henry.

If you find yourself in the area on vacation, make it a point to stop by the shrine. The church is beautiful, the liturgies are impeccable, and the music is often thrilling. Many of the singers work nearby at Disney, and their voices are astounding.  (And, like all Orlando attractions, it has a great gift shop!)

Photo: by Jacque Brund/Florida Catholic

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  1. pagansister says:

    They are indeed beautiful!

  2. Sure hope he is not allergic to roses! ☺ They are so beautiful.

  3. Chris Moakley says:

    I’ve been there and couldn’t agree more!

    Anyone who says that they have not attended Mass because they are “on vacation” should hang their head(s) in shame – and then realize what they’re missing.

    Go, spend some time, reflect, pray, attend Mass – and yes, you can purchase souveniers there too (as Deacon Greg points out).

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