"Clearly, we have to do more…"

“We are assessing what went wrong and applying our analysis as we move forward. This past week, I met with our Independent Review Board chairman and discussed the objectivity of our decision processes. I have also met with parishioners, our priests and Chancery staff, as well as the media. These meetings and discussions will continue.

As bishop, I take full responsibility for these failures and sincerely apologize to you for them. Clearly, we have to do more.”

— Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn, on the scandal rocking his church.

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Also: Max Lindenman throws in his two cents on the subject.

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4 responses to “"Clearly, we have to do more…"”

  1. I want to be respectful of a bishop in a terrible circumstance, but I pray that he acknowledges fully his own role in the tragic handling of this case. Sincerely apologize? Have to do more? These seem like cruel understatement.

    Finn’s long term damage is calculable and is rooted in events that preceded this one.

    God have mercy.

  2. Clergy are removed from active ministry upon report of an allegation, no? WHEN will the USCCB embrace full justice by removing a bishop from ministry when he is shown to have failed on his part of child protection? There will be no real and lasting change until bishops are held accountable, and not just the parish clergy.

  3. What twaddle!

    “The destructive sins of a few and the serious lapses in communication have caused us shame, anger, and confusion.”

    No. there was one sin. YOURS. Everything else is blame shifting. As shepherd, you opened the gates and allowed the wolves to savage your sheep. You are not a worthy shepherd.

    “As bishop, I take full responsibility for these failures and sincerely apologize to you for them. Clearly, we have to do more. Please know that we have — and will continue to cooperate with all local authorities regarding these matters.”

    What does “I take full repsonsibility mean?” If those words mean anything at all, tender your resignation now.

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