Ordination update: 19 new deacons in Philadelphia

And the numbers continue to grow.  Welcome, brothers!

Details, from the Catholic Standard & Times:

The Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul was jammed June 4, as family, friends, clergy and fellow parishioners turned out for the ordination by Cardinal Justin Rigali of 19 men for the permanent diaconate.

Preaching at a ceremony strikingly similar to the May 21 ordination of three men as priests, he told the new deacons theirs was “a special service to the people of God, a special service mostly associated with that of the priest, and above all a service of charity.”

“It is an outreach in the name of Jesus Christ and the Church,” the Cardinal said. “The service of the diaconate is a dynamic structure of the Church as willed by Christ.”

Congratulations and ad multos annos! Read more.

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10 responses to “Ordination update: 19 new deacons in Philadelphia”

  1. Grreat news! And I hope you’ll cover the My 21 ordination of 11 permanent deacons for the diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. Our first new deacons in 23 years!

  2. Now if we can continue to grow priests in huge numbers, I will feel we are blessed and turning a corner. I know a lot of the more conservative dioceses are turning out ever larger numbers thanks to our Lord.

  3. My husband, Myron Moskowitz, (a convert from Judaism) was one of those men ordained. It was a most blessed day and reminded all of us of God’s goodness.

  4. Good to see that Seth “Judas” Williams efforts to destroy the Church in Philadelphia have failed.

  5. Ray:
    I, too, am pleased with the increased number of men in the diaconate in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. But calling D.A. Seth Williams
    “Judas. That’s not fair.

    Have you read the Grand Jury Report? Have you examined Seth Williams’ background? (I have a particular interest in this issue. I was brought up in Philadelphia and have worked in the archdiocese. I am quite familiar with the Seth Williams’ original parish, now merged, in West Philadelphia. My paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles were from that area.)

    Here is an excerpt of his statement when he presented the Grand Jury report to the media:

    “As a Roman Catholic myself, this is not a happy thing for me to have to do. The criminal acts that occurred here are not representative of my religion. They are the bad acts of individual men. I recognize all the good that the Roman Catholic Church has done and continues to do in the world. But I am sworn to uphold the law, and I will do what is necessary to protect children.”

    There is a big difference between being shocked and hurt by behavior of the predatory priests and lay teacher (as I am) and castigating the person who is bringing their offenses to justice.

  6. HMS

    I will be cordial with you. Because for the first time you have not used your snooty tone. There were some horrible things that went on in Philadelphia. Crimes that needed investigation. A Grand Jury should have been called to investigate ALL abuses of children. In the Foster Care system, in Schools, Plannned Parenthood should have to report every underage girl that shows up at their facility pregnant. But did they do that – NO. Instead, political opportunist Seth “Judas” Williams, rode the tide of Anti-Catholic hate, and called a 2nd Grand Jury targeting the Catholic Church.

    “(he) is sworn to uphold the law, and will do what is neccessary to protect children.”

    Oh really? What has he done, other than stab his Church in the back? What other investigation has he launched? Or are you going to sit there and tell me, that in the entire city of Philadelphia, not a single other crime against children has taken place.

    I would not even stand in the same line for communion as Seth “Judas” Williams. He is a rat. And I hope he never gets to be mayor or governor, like he desperately wants to do.

    And I wouldn’t brag about being a teacher. There is more sexual abuse going on in schools than anywhere. We also have the lowest scores in the U.S. than any industrialized nation. Having spoken with you, pagansister, Steve and the other guy (his name escapes me at the moment d03- something) I understand why. Teaching and the Priesthood share one thing in common. It’s where people go when they can’t cut it in the real world. Both professions draw from the least talented people in our society. You’ve heard the expression “them that can’t do, teach” Unfortunately its true.

  7. So praise God that, despite the awful men who commited these crimes. And the attempt of Seth “Judas” Williams to use these crimes to smear the Church and advance his career in politics. God’s work will continue in Philadelphia. The Gospel will be spread. The gates of hell, have not prevailed.

  8. Clarification of post #7:

    There is a big difference between being shocked and hurt by behavior of the predatory priests and lay teacher (as I am shocked and hurt) and castigating the person who is bringing their offenses to justice.

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