How is the New York Times like the Catholic Church?

Departing Executive Editor of the paper Bill Keller — who was raised Catholic — has a provocative thought or two:

“My parents took their faith very seriously — especially my mother, who had the fervor of a convert (from Episcopalian). My brothers and I had nuns and priests as our teachers through high school, and I look back on that education with real gratitude. I’m now what my friend Dan Barry calls a ‘collapsed Catholic’ — beyond lapsed — but you never really extricate yourself from your upbringing…

…I run into readers who believe The Times is a place directed from on high. The truth is that our priesthood of journalists operates with great autonomy, and our congregation of readers makes up its own mind — all as it should be. In the unlikely event that the pope ever invited me for tea, we’d probably have stories to swap about the practical limits of authority. ‘Absolute monarchs’ indeed!”


  1. ron chandonia says:

    Thanks in large part to this proudly “collapsed” Catholic, the NYTimes has raised abortion to the level of a sacrament:

  2. brother jeff says:

    That last paragraph sounds semi-delusional.

  3. Perhaps Keller inherited his mother’s “fervor of a convert” while practicing his ‘collapsed Catholic’ rituals.

  4. Yet Keller, who wrote this week’s cover review of “Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy,” by John Julius Norwich, was raised within the fold.

    Typical of the Times to pretend that by way of puffing Norwich’s shallow and tendentious excursion that echoes its own bigotry, that it’s somehow bestowing a favor of inclusiveness in noticing the existence of the hopelessly quaint and retrograde Catholic Church. We should be grateful, I suppose. It is not the first time I have encountered this same attitude from “journalists”.

  5. brother jeff says:

    I hardly know anyone who reads the NYT anymore

  6. How is the NY Times like the Catholic Church?

    Dogmatic. Except to the liberal orthodoxy.

  7. Brother Jeff:

    You have not met me and my husband. And I hope you will not disparage our devotion to our Catholic faith and tradition for our newspaper preference.

  8. brother jeff says:

    Of course not. I used to like the Sunday Times.

  9. Deacon John M. Bresnahan says:

    Does this guy think we and his readers are just plain stupid?? (Actually, he probably does.)
    He can blather about his writers having the freedom to write what they want as some sort of evidence of the Times’s fairness.
    But when The Times hires a stable of writers that includes Catholic bashers or haters as reporters or columnists
    it knows what the end product will be.
    The Times’ New England mouthpiece–The Boston Globe– has a “Catholic” columnist who is its resident commenter on Catholic events. He is infamous among most Catholics for his regular, virulent anti-Catholic columns. (and is the reason many Catholics won’t buy the Globe.)
    Thank God for the internet and the choices it offers. Gone are the days the Globe–and the Times –had a near monopoly to define what was news and what should be covered.

  10. The NYT is more like a corrupt financial institution. It uses fabrication and fraud to try and make a buck.

  11. Hopefully, Timmy Dolan, the bulldog at St. Patrick’s, will enter into some attack modes. Isn’t that NY rag the thing that’s collapsing anyway? At least in LA ,the Times is leaning for a fall and I’m blowing all I can. Yes, thank God for the net. Count on it, the NYT will fall. I pray for this daily. Way out here in Cal. I get begging letters asking me to subscribe. What is that!!!?

  12. NY Times and the Catholic Church have someting in common? Sorry, the Catholic Church preaches truth until it is distorted by sources like the Times and the NY Times distorts truth and preaches hatred of the Catholic Church. Wow, how could we have missed this amazing similarity all these years. This guy is a typical liberal left wing Katholic who sells his soul to support the democratic party.

  13. My instant reaction: What a jackass. No wonder I cancelled my NY Times subscription over a decade ago.

  14. Hopefully Keller will die a long painful death from Cancer before he spends the rest of eternity burning in Hell. His mother and father should be ashamed of raising this corrupt, souless dirtbag.

  15. The biggest Catholic haters are always ex-Catholics. I know Jewish people and Protestants who are basically non-practicing, but they do not attack their former religions or the community of worshipers the way Keller, Dowd, Behar, et al. do.

  16. #14 Ray:


    Where in the Gospel message ad Catholic teaching can you find justification for that comment?

  17. Correction of typo.

    #14 Ray:


    Where in the Gospel message and Catholic teaching can you find justification for that comment?

  18. Matthew 13:42: “And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

    Luke 16:24: “And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.”

    Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire that has been prepared for the devil and his angels!”

    I could find more, but that’s a few for starters

  19. And by the way, your second post with the typo, made your shock and disapproval seem staged and disingenous. Kind of ruined it for me.

  20. Ray:

    I am a teacher and I do not like to type “ad” when I mean “and”. OK?

    With respect to the passages you have quoted:

    They refer to the God’s judgment, not YOURS.

    This is the end of this discussion on my part.

  21. “You have not met me and my husband.”

    You think I’m harsh for wishing Cancer on somebody, but you subject a innocent man to a marriage with you? Talk about Hell.

  22. Irish Spectre says:

    Re the link above in which Keller writes about he and his wife having had their son aborted, Charlie would be about 10 years old today had they deigned to let him live, and God had deigned to let him survive. If only…

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