Worth a thousand words

Discovered this morning on a friend’s Facebook page …click to enlarge.

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  1. Cats? My goodness.

  2. Peregrinus says:

    I thought these were kids for a moment…

  3. I hear a lot of older women talking about doing this. They save the ashes from each pet so they can be mingled with her own after death.

  4. And at the resurrection they will tail and whiskers? (OK just kidding!).

  5. Topsy, Taffy, Pussycat…and JANET???

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning!

  6. Whoa– how does one go through 9 of them in 5 years?!?

    Was she experimenting on them or something? Looks like grounds for some sort of an investigation.

    Or maybe they were actually goldfish or something else with a much shorter life expectancy.

    Sorry– I like my dogs, but couldn’t ever see this sort of obsession.

  7. Rev Mr Flapatap says:

    Was that Crazy Cat Lady from “The Simpsons”?

  8. How do you know it’s cats? It could be dogs. And, anyway, I think it’s kind of sweet.

  9. Seems to me like a “cat person” thing. But I don’t know, it could be dogs, fishes, cows, crows or whales for all I know. I think is kinda eccentric.

  10. Beautiful and sweet. I hope indeed she is enjoying eternity with her beloved pets.

  11. Catherine A. says:

    I’m a cat lover myself, but at the risk of over-reacting, I think this is a bit sad. The lure of eternity is not that it will reunite us with Topsy, et al, (although I hope that is part of it). It is that we will see God face-to-face. Obviously this woman did not fully comprehend that. I hope she comprehends it now.

    On a lighter note, one can indeed learn a lot about God from pets. I look at my cat and I see God the design engineer, God the artist, God the protective father and loving, nurturing mother, God with a sense of humor and a love for fun, and God who loves me enough to send me a warm, furry, earthly companion to show me unconditional affection when my human friends and family reject me. I also get glimpses of how God loves me even when I make a mess or am in a bad mood; that on my worst day He would still die for me. I see how my humanity “humanizes” this animal in a way that God’s divinity “divinizes” me (to borrow a thought from C.S. Lewis). Pets can be a great source of meditation.

  12. When I see a cat I remember Heathcliff and Garfield! I have to confess I was a catoholic in my young age. Had a series of cats for a span of about 13 years. When my first born girl came to the world the cat run away!

  13. Considering the logic of the day how long will it be before some people will be claiming to marry their pets?

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