Pamela Anderson to play Mary in Christmas special

That would be the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus (seen above in a promotional picture).


Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, famed for nude photo shoots and a homemade porn video withTommy Lee, is to play mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms on Canadian TV this Christmas.

Anderson, a native of Canada, will headline A Russell Peters Christmas Special for CTV and The Comedy Network, where she will appear in a sketch comedy scene set in a Christmas manger with Canadian funnymanRussell Peters, who is hosting the one-hour special to bow here on December 1.

A Russell Peters Christmas Special will also star Michael Bublé, Ted Lange (The Love Boat), Saturday Night Live alumnus Jon Lovitz and Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall).

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21 responses to “Pamela Anderson to play Mary in Christmas special”

  1. I wouldn’t care if this was a reverent show, but I think it’s a ridiculing event. Hopefully I’ll be spared the clips so I won’t have to get ticked off.

  2. Be careful not to object to this. To object might offend nudists and porn stars, and the world is careful not to offend people.

  3. It’s amazing how Satan cleverly uses humour to try and desacrate anything holy.
    Russell Peters is a tool full stop. A willing one at that. What an egotistical fool.

  4. This is what is called “mocking.” That is, satan and his minions are running amok and they know that things are rough for Christians already, and he likes to do things just to mock us… and I think this is one of them.

    Kind of like the attempt to pass a law to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples and calling it the “Respect for Marriage Act.” Mocking. Or maybe just communist-style double-speak. Yes, I know it’s off topic, but I’m just showing the wide range of mocking spiritual attacks….

  5. It figures, the liberals on this blog mocking Pamela Anderson, just like the pharasees mocked Mary Magneline.
    You bums.

    [David…No slurs, no name-calling. Do that again, you’ll be deleted. Dcn. G.]

  6. @david: there is an essential difference between Pamela Anderson and Mary Magdalena.

    Mary had her “seven devils” cast out by Jesus and devoted her life to following him. As of this writing, the only “devil” that Ms. Anderson appears to have cast out is eating meat, which she gave up when she was a teenager. For the rest she seems to be actively exploiting her body and appearance for personal fame and fortune.

    Not a particularly worthy pursuit by any description.

  7. It kind of reminds me of those old portraits of the Madonna. So often the artist would use the face of his wife or lover. We look at them now and think how beautiful. I wonder if they were looked at a little differently back then. Sort of like looking at Anderson now. We shake our heads and roll our eyes. Maybe in a few hundred years her visage will grace some electronic holy card…

  8. Just like most of the cowards in the leftist media like that Judas Chris Matthews, I’m sure a big payday for unholy Pamela A. means bigtime desecration of the foundations of our Catholic Faith. The world could eliminate this trash if there were enough good people to boycott these vile examples of entertainment. My bigger concern is these same pathetic cowards would not dare try this on Islam or the unholy Mohammed. These entertainment Satists would not be “entertaining” for very long. The worldwide attack on Christianity continues.

  9. You can read all about him in church documents and in a book called the Bible. You might pick it up sometime.

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