How’s this for a great use of social media by the Church?

A friend in Florida forwarded this to me, and I was instantly impressed.

It’s a Christmas greeting from Bishop John Noonan of Orlando, evidently sent to everyone in the diocese who is on their e-mail list. 

What a great way to communicate with the flock, using a 21st century tool to help spread the message of this season of hope — glad tidings of comfort and joy, delivered right to your inbox!

Check it out.  Kudos to the bishop and his team for putting this together.


  1. Thanks for this link. Yes, a great idea and especially so when trying to reach young people.

    Are videos of Vatican events archived online anywhere? I’d love to watch some of the Christmas events from Rome that I missed. I think the Midnight Mass was broadcast and rebroadcast on EWTN so perhaps they are archived there. I am aware of Vatican Player.

  2. Answering my own question — CatholicTV has Christmas Mass.

  3. Archbishop Thomas Wenski, then the bishop of Orlando, has been using this medium to greet and deliver his Christmas message from three years ago.

  4. Well done your Excellency and Communications Office! I hope many follow and do this or similar. It makes so much sense! Merry Christmas.

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