Great moments in Utah history

I mean: really?  REALLY?  We’ve reached the place where reality now is more ludicrous than satire.  The Onion should just go out of business.

Check this out:

KSTU-TV in Utah reports that a new high school’s hope to call its team the Cougars was rejected because . . . wait for it . . . the Victorian-minded members of the school board thought it would be offensive to some middle-aged women.

Read it and weep.


  1. “. . . Victorian-minded . . .”
    Is there something I’m missing???

  2. I think the older women in town should sue the school for discrimination. Calling Gloria Allred . . .

  3. Everybody should read the update. Turns out that the real reason was to avoid stepping on BYU’s toes. (Although some people argued the “offensive” thing, which is stupid. The real argument-from-slang was that you don’t want to sound silly to other high schools, but that doesn’t apply in BYU Land.)

  4. That WOULD rock if they had a team logo of a sultry salt and pepper haired woman! I’d join the cheer squad!

  5. Utah is a strange place where the normal rules governing the real world do not apply. Nothing that happens there surprises me.

  6. ron chandonia says:

    I had no idea there was a “negative double entendre of the word ‘cougar.’ ” It’s amazing what you can learn from deacons.

  7. vox borealis says:

    Or better, the cheer squad should be made up of salt-and-pepper haired, sultry women in old-school cheerleading outfits…

  8. We are becoming a nation of oversensitive wimps. As a mature woman, I say call me a cougar just don’t call me dear.

  9. pagansister says:

    That is just plain silly—-offensive to middle-aged women? Give me a break! :)

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