Dolan: “I asked Jesus to help me fight the same temptations he did”

The new cardinal of New York gave a stemwinder of a homily Saturday night — repurposing some material from the homily we’d heard on Thursday — and it’s just too good not to share.  Looking for something to kickstart your Lent?  Take 20 minutes and watch one of the greatest preachers in the American church.   H/T to Rocco.


  1. Wow.

  2. amdg

  3. anthony mangini says:


  4. what makes me wonder???
    did dolan just realize what it really is all about ???
    did it take being named a cardinal to realize it.???

    he has troubled me with some of the statements he has made
    during this last couple of months and the movie star attitude it seems his displayed.
    Jesus was tempted in the desert, when He was alone. and fasting.
    preparing himself for his journey to calvary.
    not with an entourage of 1000 people,

    Cardinal Dolan was making his journey to the Holyland
    and Rome..not quite the same journey as Jesus.
    It took him to be a named a cardinal to realize it
    Jesus was humble all the time…before all and the Father.
    He never allow His divine nature to take control.
    Cardinal Dolan., I will say a prayer for you

  5. Thank the Lord that this man has ascended the bully pulpit of New York at such a time. I remember well from the Sisters, on EVERY paper:
    J M J

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph All For The Greater Glory of God.

  6. I watched it live on EWTN. Humble would’ve been sublimating his ebullient personality to his holy office. A bishop preaches from his cathedra or the pulpit, wearing his mitre with his crosier in hand.

    “490. For the homily, the bishop may preach at his cathedra, seated, or at the ambo. At a solemn Mass he wears his mitre, and he may hold the crozier in his left hand, if this is convenient.”
    ~ Bishop Peter Elliott of Melbourne; Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite

    Cardinal Dolan has much potential. I pray he realizes it.

  7. He should adopt a favorite line of mine:
    “I take great pride in my humility!”

  8. While it did not “take being named a cardinal to realize” his need for humility, becoming a Cardinal, becoming President of the Conference, being heralded as a leading voice in the Church, certainly presents new dangers of pride that the good Cardinal wishes to avoid. Jesus seems to have answered his prayer most definitively. I myself am most hard-headed and have benefited often from the fact that Jesus can swing a 2×4 with great accuracy.

  9. Uh….really? Did you watch the homily?

  10. Jeff Stevens says:

    I wasn’t aware Bishop Elliott’s book was binding. Interesting.

  11. +JMJ
    Would it not be fair to say that Jesus was perfectly man and thus could not only be very humble, but could have great magnetism and fortitude when the circumstances required it? When he cleansed the temple of the moneychangers, I doubt that anyone would have called Him humble. We all are growing in our faith and each passing season we should be able to look back and see that the Holy Spirit has accomplished much in us. Remember the saying, “Be patient with me, for God hasn’t finished with me, yet.”? Cardinal Dolan was chosen to be a Cardinal by the grace of God, if we take Jesus at His word that He “will build” His Church. Many a great saint could be said to lack humility in public, but the important thing is that the saint totally surrendered themselves to God Almighty. That is true humility.

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