Dolan on HHS ruling this morning

CBS This Morning, actually.

According to CNS:

Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan of New York said he is “a little skeptical” that the Obama administration wants to find a compromise on the requirement that health plans for most religious employers cover contraceptives and sterilization free of charge.

In an interview Feb. 9 with “CBS This Morning,” the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said he expressed his “disappointment and disapproval” when President Barack Obama called him Jan. 20 to notify him that the Department of Health and Human Services was sticking by the contraceptive mandate announced last year but giving religious groups an additional year to comply.

That decision, he said, was “at odds with the very sincere assurances he gave me” during a White House meeting in early November that the religious freedom and conscience rights of those who are morally opposed to contraception and sterilization would be protected.

Cardinal-designate Dolan said he felt hopeful after the November meeting, but added, “I don’t have those sentiments of hope now.”

Take a look.

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  1. ron chandonia says:

    Archbishop Dolan is such a cheery soul, it’s no wonder he can banter so easily with reporters. But the “fix” for the mandate he spells out here is troubling: Expand the religious exemption to cover our schools and hospitals, and we’ll leave you alone.

    If the issue is an assault on the Catholic conscience, why is it that we are concerned only with the rights of institutions run by the Church? What about the consciences of lay Catholic business owners covered by this mandate? Of course, few lay Catholics seem to view contraception as morally troubling, but a new editorial in the National Catholic Reporter (surprisingly to me) reminds us that coverage for contraceptives is not the end of the matter:

    A bill working its way through the Washington state legislature with substantial support would require all health care plans in the state — without exception — to cover abortion services.

    Can the government–state or federal–mandate that those who find abortion morally repulsive must pay the bills for those who do not? So it seems. That’s why I think it is short-sighted to confine the discussion to the prerogatives of a few religious institutions.

  2. Very well spoken. It is worth noting that Cardinal-Designate Dolan does not demonize anyone, but rather speaks to moral principle and potential for resolution – or the implications of lack of it. We would all be wise to mirror his behavior.

  3. As I watch this unfold I am becoming more and more convinced that the Administration, and maybe the Bishops, had this drama planned knowing that in an election year the President would need to avoid antagonizing his base. There will be a deal reached if one hasn’t been made already. In addition I heard on NPR today that this already the law in New York and that every Catholic hospital has health insurance that covers birth control.

  4. Win Nelson says:

    What a delightful way to stand up for principle! God bless soon to be Cardinal Dolan!

  5. Oregon Catholic says:

    I think you are absolutely right that religious liberty protections should extend to the level of individuals in the marketplace. Unfortunately, those rights were lost when the law told property owners who they could not refuse to rent to and told business owners who they could not refuse to hire.

  6. Good points. That’s why Obamacare and socialized medicine is an assalt on freedom. Let us pray that the Supreme Court kills the whole thing.

  7. Barbara, are you saying that Bishop Dolan is lying, that this is all a facade? I realize you want to try to find a way to justify a vote for Obama come Nov, but even for Liberal Catholics this issue has to be a game changer in their support for this administration.

  8. The suggestion that this is a conspiracy involving even the Bishops is despicable. This is a new low.

  9. I’m not saying this is a conspiracy or that anyone is lying. I’m saying that the political reality is such that before the administration could compromise or extend the exception it first needed to take the position it did so that it could then draw back. I think that perhaps the idea that there would be negotiation was intended from the beginning and that is why it started with an extra year to implement. Political maneuvering is not a conspiracy. I am not a Church insider but I am sure the Vatican and the Bishops understand politics.

  10. As far as my vote in Nov. I cant vote for Mr. Romney who has promised to veto the Dream Act. If he detracts that promise I will reconsider him.

  11. Comprimise to what? Any comprimise still will result in loss of religous freedom. This is essentially a dipole fecision, yes or no, black or white. There is no grey. Either you violate religous conscience ir you don’t.

    And if you can’t vote for Romney (I can understand and I would not want you to violate your conscience ;)) does not mean you have to vote for Obama.

  12. CNN is reporting that the administration is reviewing options that would allow employees of religious institutions to purchase contraception at the same price as employees of non affiliated groups. I am convinced that something will be worked out or that the administration will come up with an alternative. There really is a split in this country between people who see this as a health care issue and those who see it as a religious issue. While the one side is wrong to deny CAtholics the right to view the creation of life as a religious issue I think the Church also can not deny that the vast majority of women use birth control and many view it as a health issue. I wish the Bishops would talk about the reasons that the Catholic Church does not approve of birth control in the way that Humanae Vitae does. It is really a beautiful teaching that lifts up the dignity of humans. People need to hear the reasons instead all you hear is this culture war stuff.

  13. Barbara “I wish the Bishops would talk about the reasons that the Catholic Church does not approve of birth control in the way that Humanae Vitae does. It is really a beautiful teaching that lifts up the dignity of humans.”

    Yes, they should talk about all human life more strongly and should have supported Humanae Vitae from day one by bringing all the clergy on board in support or thrown them out. But Barbara, for someone who supports the worst abortion president ever, not sure if anything said on birth control would have mattered to you. He is a Partner to the abortion mills and you still fight to support him.

  14. I never thought I would ever, or could ever, say the President of the United States is a tyrant. We are witnessing the attempted unraveling of America as we know her and cherish her. The Catholics who voted for Obama and who continue to support him in their sinfulness – yes sinfulness – can take part of the blame for the position we find ourselves in. If all Catholics had a properly formed conscience and used it they would not have voted for Obama and we would not be having this discussion. God help us if the Catholic vote still swings in Mr. Obama’s favor. Archbishop Dolan is a decent man and he has been duped.

  15. So basically, Nolan is saying Obama is a liar. Shocker.

    That decision, he said, was “at odds with the very sincere assurances he gave me” during a White House meeting

  16. I don’t think he is the worst abortion President ever. I think people need to hear the Good News about Jesus. While there may be women who get abortions as birth control, I think many women do this because they are afraid and do not have enough of a relationship with God to trust in Him. I think teaching and being an authentic witness to the Gospel would do more to prevent an abortion that angry partisan political rhetoric.

  17. Henry Karlson says:

    Of course he isn’t the worst on abortion; Nixon was far worse. The thing is the outright lying polemic is used and people who know no history follow and restate the lie as the propagandists want.

  18. Barbara, face reality. Obama is the worst abortion president ever and the most anti religious. And manifestly now the most anti Catholic.

  19. Josephine E says:

    Yes! I have been saying this for the last two weeks. It is not just our institutional Church and it’s ministries that are under attack — what about the rest of us who have be buy this insurance under the mandate and have a problem with that????? Everyone should have a conscience clause. In the end, we will be the ones who are caving in for the sake of our families (may God forgive us), or be fined (and the next step is sitting in jail and don’t think for one minute it won’t go that far). St. Thomas More pray for us!

  20. I’m an Anglican, not a Roman Catholic, and stand with the Catholic Bishops and many other Christians (see the Manhattan Declaration drafted in 2009) on the sanctity of life. I have not like the alternatives to Obama for President so have been leaning toward Obama as the least bad choice. But this HHS ruling may be a game-changer for me too. The issue is religious freedom, as in the First Amendment:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  21. Sallie, a none of the above or some minor party vote or even a write in vote is a legit protest vote.

  22. Kathy Schiffer says:

    A legit protest vote will ensure that Obama wins another term. It makes no sense to stomp your foot and vote for the wind, when the election is at stake. Keep your eye on Santorum– As he moves ahead in the polls, he shows himself for the true defender of Life that he is.

  23. Manny we have very different views of reality.

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