The bee’s knees

As we near the Easter Vigil, and deacons around the globe are clearing their throats and practicing the new Exsultet, here’s an interesting tidbit from New Liturgical Movement:

Recently one of our priests sent in some photos with a brief note about a Paschal candle that he, himself, undertook to design for his parish. He commented to me that “in honor of the return of the bees to the Exsultet” he incorporated them into the design.

What he is referring to, of course, is the absence of the references to the bees in the former English translation of the Exsultet in the previous English edition of the OF Missal. They are back — though they never left the Latin text itself of course.

There’s much more at the link.


  1. Elizabeth Scalia says:

    I’m glad the bees are back. It’s an Irish thing.

  2. I can scarcely express my joy in hearing the bees have “returned” to the Exultet.

    I have long argued that ICEL’s exclusion of the bees from the English translation demonstrated that it was an interpretation rather than a translation – and a bad interpretation at that.

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