Cardinal Dolan named one of the 100 most influential people in the world

Details from TIME magazine:

With his crimson cassock, wide grin and rotund good cheer, Timothy Dolan, 62, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, seems a figure out of the age of the old movies Going My Way and The Bells of St. Mary’s — a warm prelate who leads his flock more by charm than fiat.

Yet in 2012, this priest with a mien dating back half a century did something few other American Roman Catholic leaders have managed in recent times: he put himself and his church back in the center of the national political conversation, a public square long dominated by Protestant evangelicals.

In leading the opposition to a proposed Obama Administration rule that would have required Catholic organizations like hospitals to pay for contraceptive services for female employees, Dolan successfully argued that such a policy violated the nation’s principles of religious liberty.

From his headquarters in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dolan, who arrived there after serving as Archbishop of Milwaukee, offers a nuanced Christian witness, reaching out to Jews and Muslims and urging his own faith to re-evangelize itself before assuming that the rest of the world will open its head and heart to the Catholic message.

“The public square in the United States is always enriched whenever people approach it when they’re inspired by their deepest-held convictions,” he told Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation on Easter Sunday. “And on the other hand… I think the public square is impoverished when people might be coerced to put a piece of duct tape over their mouth, keeping them from bringing their deepest-held convictions to the conversation.” That’s not a problem Cardinal Dolan seems to have.

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  1. Interesting last line of the blurb. Not sure how it was meant.

  2. I think that the hyper-politicizing of the Catholic Church is exactly what we do not need at this time. The Church has too large a backlog of its internal issues to substantially improve before pulling in all the discords of the secular political world into our parishes. I have heard of heated arguments breaking out at churches where they are gathering signatures on political petitions. The Bishops have declared the “Fortnight for Religious Freedom” which is nothing but an anti-Obama campaign telling everyone how to vote in an election year. I am sick of hearing raw politics preached from the pulpit on so many Sundays, rather than preaching on the Two Great Commandments, which have been lost in the shuffle. I am tired of the increased frequency of letters from the Bishop to be read at all masses that inevitably are full of politics.
    My grandparents were immigrants from a repressive Soviet regime that was truly anti-religious. It is ridiculous to hear the ranting of bishops and pastors equating the President of the United States with Hitler and Stalin, as for example Bishop Jenny of Peoria, IL did this week, with the video on YouTube. Equating the current American political scene with the blood of martyrs is a desecration of the Holy Martyrs as well as the deceased of the Holocaust who knew true political persecution for religious reasons. The preaching of hysteria by our bishops is making Catholics look like the Know-Nothings of a century ago. Archbishop Dolan has chosen a dangerous path with politics, that is not good for America, nor good for the Catholic Church.

  3. Eugene Pagano says:

    More influential than the Pope?

  4. Drake you are so very very wrong…. Thank God for Cardinal Dolan– thank God for all our Cardinals, Bishops and priests who are standing up and reminding us of our christian witness in the marketplace.

    Cardinal Dolan is so right about Obama as are the other Bishops, and laity —
    We all know who Obama is — you obviously are an Obama follower. Obama has been the worst president the US ever had. Do you realize that you are trillions of dollars in debt.. do you realize that no American president has ever pushed abortion – (yes the killing Americna children) on internal and foreign policy – through the UN agencies – who now ‘give money to the poor on condition that the poor countries also take the whole package – ie. how to abort your baby… they call it reproductive rights.. Garbage – it is from the Planned parenthood group at the UN..) — He is right to point out the travesty that Obama did when trying to force Catholics to go against their conscience. So I have a question for you – who do you think Obama is? Which president would make ‘private promises’ to the heads of Russia, behind the backs of the American people…and which president would give 7 islands (if not more) off the coast of Alaska to the Russians and which president would stop needed oil from coming to the US.. from Canada — and shortly thereafter stop you guys from producing coal! I wonder if you are getting my point!

  5. justamouse says:


    I remember when that voting came out and Father Z posted the link! So glad he made it!

  6. Cardinal Dolan nor any bishop has or will ever come out and tell anyone how to vote. You made a false statement

  7. Mark Greta says:

    Cardinal Dolan is going to be a blessing for the Church in America. The danger might be he gets a big head but he seems well aware of the danger.

    I think Father Z had something to do with this as he had an ongoing message to send people to vote for Cardinal Dolan in the voting to Time. I saw him put up his message and the numbers for Cardinal Dolan jumped in the next day almost double as many Father Z readers emailed friends and family.

  8. Gail Finke says:

    Where in the world do you got to church? Hearing politics preached at Mass is NOT a problem anywhere I’ve ever been!

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