Coming soon: Book of Deacon Saints

The superb deacon artist Lawrence Klimecki is embarking on a series of books illustrating the lives of saints and, according to a recent e-mail, he plans to begin with deacons:

What makes these different from other saints books? In addition to a theme common to the saints in each book, I will be looking at the saints in the context of their time, how and where they fit into the epic story of the history of the Church. Please take a look at the website created specifically for the project and follow along as the book (and the site) become more fully developed.  Within the next few weeks I will be adding sample chapters and excerpts.  The plan is for the book to be released first as an e-book. So follow along as I share the adventure of writing, drawing, and publish volume I of The Book of Saints.

To receive updates, visit Lawrence’s website, Gryphon Rampant. There’s some terrific religious art there, too.

He also has posted a preview of his book, the sketch below, which he describes thusly: “This is the sketch for the final art that will accompany the entry on the ordination of the first seven deacons as recounted in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 6:1-7).”

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