For Vocation Sunday: behold, the world’s youngest priest

He’s three.

A diaconal bow of gratitude to his dad for this YouTube gem.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. And we think little kids are only making noise in church and being a distraction.
    They’re concelebrating!

  2. I wonder who the actual youngest Catholic priest would be? My husband will celebrate 10 years of priesthood at the end of May and he just turned 38! I say- very young

  3. Peregrinus says:

    I don’t think he’s following the rubrics exactly, but I’d bet he gets a dispensation.

  4. vox borealis says:


    My three year old daughter can be pretty distracted and borderline unruly at mass. But then the other day we visited some or other historic site that had a Catholic chapel. She proceeded to describe in great detail about how the priest comes out and stands there, and he reads from the special book, and that is where the special bread goes, etc.

    They do learn by watching. That is why, in my opinion, it is vitally important for children to remain in the pews with their parents (i.e., not shuffled off to a nursery) so they can be exposed to proper liturgy (i.e., not some allegedly “kid friendly” version of the mass…see Deacon’s post below, from Austria).

  5. They are endangering this child’s possible vocation!

    I’m pretty certain that the impersonation of a priest is an impediment to later ordination.

  6. John Penta says:

    Only if they’re old enough to be convicted of a felony, MTCLAX.

  7. MTCLAX- I believe Bishop Fulton Sheen did the same as a young boy- on the blogosphere, Fr Z says too encourage boys in this if it is their idea

  8. …and Cardinal Dolan used to play Mass when he was little all the time, as well!

  9. My brothers and sisters and I used to play Mass when we were kids. We all took turns being the priest.

  10. THanks for sharing…Beautiful. And people say the children do not understand?

  11. I’m not sure it’s the new translation of the Roman Missal tho! it is wonderful

  12. I don’t think the text of canon 1041 could be clearer re the impediment: “a person who has placed an act of orders reserved to those in the order of episcopate or presbyterate while either lacking that order or prohibited from its exercise by some declared or imposed canonical penalty.”

    Father Z and others should cease and desist from this practice that is leading little ones astray.

  13. Canon 1041 could be interestingly discussed when we look at Anglican Priests who have had their licenses taken away; and then are ‘welcomed’ into the RC. And, as for age of Priests- I think history would have to be looked at. It’s relatively recent that Priests must have attended Seminary. Men were ordained because they had grown up in the monastery and then were sent out almost as soon as they entered puberty. My husband was ordained at 24 and that included 7 yrs. of university .

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