The newest addition to my wardrobe

I should set up shop and sell these online.  (I’m thinking some people in the pews would also want one…)


  1. Joanne K McPortland says:

    I’m so glad you survived! (And from all reports, hit it out of the park.) I have to say the Exsultet remains the high point for me of the Vigil–maybe because we have a cantor with a terrific voice do it, who makes it seem to flow so naturally that it’s less a case of enduring than of wishing there were even MORE. Happy Easter!

  2. Deak Pete says:

    The other Deacon at my parish did a wonderful job with it. What an accomplishment. I’ll do it someday, if they want it to sound like Bob Dylan!

  3. Notgiven says:

    Happy Easter!

    Thanks for this! Memories of a wonderful celebration last night…including the return of the bees!

  4. Deacon Dean says:

    I would definitely order one of these!!

    Wishing you and your readers a Happy and Holy Easter season, New Orleans style!

    (Dat be wid crawfish, and gumbo, ya!!!)

  5. I was amazed–”SDG”!

  6. ron chandonia says:

    Is Lent finally over? Are we really allowed to comment on the Deacon’s Bench once again? Well, Let all corners of the earth be glad, knowing an end to gloom and darkness!

  7. Ha! Good one!

  8. Love the shirt! I’m going to forward the link to our deacon friend who sang the Exsultet last night. He keeps saying next year is my husband’s turn. But so far he’s managed to dodge the bullet; the other guy does such a nice job.

  9. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Yay! But never fear — those without great voices can still sound sincere!

    Re: the baptismal renunciations, Satan doesn’t make any promises in Latin, and I seriously have no clue where the translators got that before. What you renounce is “omnibus pompis eius”, “all his pomps.” (You know, Satan and his works and pomps, sort of a Western civ thing.) The Latin word “pompa” means spectacle, show, procession, retinue, ostentation, from Greek “pompe”, a solemn procession or display, or literally a sending.

    So it’s a renunciation of idolatrous worship, basically, and of other vain worldly things by extension. No promises, just things done for show.

  10. Dcn Luis says:

    I WANT ONE! I think all deacons who chanted the Easter Proclamation deserve one. Parishioners and Pastor complimented me but perhaps they where being polite. Spring has sprung in full force releasing pollen in unprecedented amounts, thankfully our cantors and choir were in grand voice.

  11. I want one too! Our music minister asked me before the Vigil if I was nervous. I told her, “No. I’m gonna sing it like I wrote it. If I can’t be good, I’m gonna be loud.”

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