Ordination update: 18 new deacons in Spokane

It happened Friday night.  Profiles of the men can be found here.  

Names of the ordained and their wives (thanks to Eric Meisfjord, Director of Communications for the Diocese):

José Aparicio, (Graciela)
Bonifacio Arebalo, (Maribel)
Craig Blomgren, (Cindy)
H. Roy Buck, (Marge)
Brian Ernst, (Julie)
James Evermann, (Maureen)
Dan Glatt, (Debby)
Thomas Heavey, (Mary)
James Kestell, (Kathleen)
Victor Lopez, (Evangeline)
Perry Pearman, (Sheila)
Allen Peterson, (Linda)
Maclobio Robles, ( Maria)
Nick Senger, (Brenda)
Jim Schwarzer, (Ann)
José David Torres, (Margarita)
William Wehmeyer, (Julie Ann)
John Westover, (Peggy)

Eric notes in an e-mail:

The priest in the photo is their Director of Deacon Formation, Father Michael Savelesky, who also serves the Spokane Diocese as Moderator of the Curia (not to mention four small rural parishes as pastor. A very dedicated priest).  Ordination took place in Gonzaga University’s McCarthey Athletic Center to accommodate the size of the congregation.

Congratulations and welcome! Ad multos annos!

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