Meet the former Playboy centerfold who prays the rosary

From CatholicVote:

In an interview with Fox News, former Baywatch star and Playboy Playmate Donna D’Errico talked about her recent hiking trip to Mount Arrarat, where she traveled to fulfil a lifelong dream of searching for Noah’s Ark.

D’Errico says she’s wanted to search for the Ark since she was a child in Catholic School. So when the inevitable subject of religion and questionable choices she made in the past came up, D’Errico put her perspective on things in no uncertain terms:

FOX411: Do you consider yourself a religious person?

DD: Absolutely. I don’t like the term spiritual because I think that’s a cop out. Either you’re religious or you’re not. There’s no spiritual, it’s a silly term that’s become a catchall phrase. If you’re not religious you’re not religious. What does spiritual mean? I go to Mass every Sunday and I pray the rosary every night with my kids.

FOX411: You say you went to Catholic school. Were your parents disappointed when you posed for Playboy?

DD: Listen, I’ve made mistakes and choices in my past that I wouldn’t make today. That’s a chapter in my life that I’ve closed the door on. It seems to me like another person. It’s not who I am today.

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