A deacon who grows pumpkins? I’m sold

Kudos to that great deacon’s wife, Kathy Schiffer, for finding and posting this gem:

“I carve prayers in the pumpkins when they’re small,” says Sharon Trabbic, “and as they grow, the prayers grow as well.”

Deacon Ken Trabbic and his wife Sharon are the owners/operators of the Trabbic Family Farm, where they produce over 20 acres of pumpkins as well as wheat, field corn, sweet corn, soybeans and hay.  The farm has been in the Trabbic family for over 100 years; and the Trabbics write on their website about how they decided to establish the pumpkin patch:

“After praying and asking God what we should do on the farm as we raise our children, the thought of pumpkins came to rest on our hearts.  This year will be our 21st year with the pumpkin patch.  It has been an enjoyable experience of sharing in the lives of all those who visit the farm.”

That’s just for starters.  Check out the rest and discover why this place is more than a job.  It’s a ministry. Bless ’em.

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