Catholic actor Kevin James: “You don’t want to do anything that doesn’t glorify God”

Who knew?

From CNS:

He doesn’t exactly advertise it, but the “king of Queens” is a Catholic family man.

Kevin James, who played Doug Heffernan for nine seasons on the CBS sitcom and has since branched out into movies, has no problem talking about his values and how it affects his career.

“I am involved in my faith, it becomes more and more — you know, it becomes a difficult, difficult position. You have a platform and you don’t want to do anything that doesn’t glorify God in every way,” James told Catholic News Service in a telephone interview from Philadelphia.

“I can’t play a priest in every film, either. You definitely want to have a positive message. I want to be able to sit and watch my movies with my children,” added James, who is married with two daughters and one son. Having control over and writing the material, according to him, is a key to “be inspiring and (to) move people in a positive way.”

James, 47, is promoting his upcoming film comedy, “Here Comes the Boom.” In it, he plays a high school science teacher who once loved his work but has “lost his mojo,” as he put it, but gets it back when budget cuts threaten the job of the music teacher (Henry Winkler), who never lost his love for teaching.

James’ character even goes so far as to train to be a mixed martial arts fighter — which James did in real life to prepare for the movie — in the belief that even a loser’s payday in such a bout will reap the bucks necessary to save the music program.

It’s not that James admits to some road-to-Damascus moment that made his faith all the more relevant to him. “I was born and raised Catholic and absolutely love my faith and learn more and more about it all the time,” he said. “It’s nice to have that going into whatever you do, whatever part of life you take upon yourself.”

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