Elizabeth Scalia, astonishing as ever, finds a spark of the divine in the most surprising places—even on a postage stamp: 

At the absolute baseline of the life of faith we are asked a question: do you trust me? We are creatures who, since Eden, have willfully embraced the illusion that we are in control of everything, when in fact, the only thing within our control is our decision to trust or to doubt; to be open or to be closed; to believe or not.

In The Year of Faith, the U.S. Postal service just happens to select a Christmas image that brings us a powerful reminder of that truth.

“The Flight into Egypt” stamp bears the word “Forever”. We are forever meant to surrender our illusion of control; forever meant to be opened; forever meant to trust in divine providence.

Call it a coincidence, if you want. I see the Holy Spirit’s influence all over this.

Check out the rest. This is a message that will—and should—stick!