Ah, travel

Remember when air travel was like this?

Yeah. Neither do I.

This is more like it:

As I write, I’m sitting at a table in Au Bon Pain at the United terminal at LaGuardia, waiting for my flight to Denver for the Catholic Media Conference (you can follow on twitter at #cmc13). I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with My Idol, (who writes about this event here) and gawking at a few other idols, too, like Fr. Robert Barron and assorted bloggy types. (I’m slated to be on a panel Thursday morning with the likes of Greg Willets and Lisa Hendey. I’ll just sit at the end of the table and laugh hysterically at their jokes, to better give the illusion that I actually belong there…)

I’ll try and post updates from time to time, and maybe a picture of a mountain or two. And, of course, reports on the fine cuisine they’ll be serving in flight!


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