Jesus, As You’ve Never Seen Him Before: An Amazing Blend of Classic Art and Photoshop


French photographer Léo Caillard visualized this project which brings a little modern flair to some perfectly sculpted, centuries-old masterpieces. To create this project called Street Stone, Caillard first photographed the statues and then he photographed his friends in similar poses, wearing selected trendy outfits. Using digital manipulation, and with some photo retouching assistance from French art director Alexis Persani, Caillard merged the two photographs together to create the illusion of the classic figures dressed in modern day garb.

The final results are a funny combination of two very different worlds. Caillard states that the purpose of the project is “to catch the eye of the beholder by the marriage of two worlds so different.” You can watch the video of the Photoshop process below. As you can see, the classic lounging sculptures suddenly develop distinct fashion sensibilities, donning cropped pants, Ray Bans, and plaid shirts and transforming into hipsters right before our very eyes.

Visit this link. You’ll be amazed and amused at what he’s done with some familiar sculptures. Check out the video, too, that shows how he did it.