Thomas Peters Update: “Docs Are Optimistic”

From his father this morning:

It looks like no surgery, and Thom will go straight to a fixed halo. Docs are optimistic that pressure on spinal cord will reduce on its own. Lungs almost back to normal, so probably will start weaning from breathing tube today. That’s esp. good news, as Thomas cannot talk with tubing in, but does not yet have enough hand control to sign (Thom knows ASL from his sister Meg, of course). He is regaining sensation in his legs, and is wearing his glasses! Ang has remarked more than once about what an impressive can-do group of friends Thom & Natalie have in DC. They actually got her (and Becky) to go sleep in a hotel last nite (success where others have failed)…Prayers please, not that I have to ask, but, you know. ps: i am sure there are messages I have not returned, but I have them all, and thank you all.


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