Courtney Love on one benefit of celibacy: more time for crafts

The rock star went cold turkey from sex a few years back and realized it gave her a lot more free time: 

Courtney Love has never been shy about, well, anything, so it comes as no surprise that in her latest Vanity Fair interview, the former Hole frontwoman found a way to interject her sexlife into the conversation. More accurately, the lack thereof.

Love was asked about her clothing collection, overall fashion sense and whether she’d design clothes for herself, and in her response revealed that taking a sexual hiatus did in fact make room for all sorts of craft work. Oh, and a little Etsy obsession.

Well, I discovered this Web site called Etsy. No wonder they still send me fruit baskets. . . they are hoping that I will spend six figures in a year on Etsy again. My daughter was flipping out. We had a pretty small house in Malibu and she had the apartment upstairs, but still I was ordering like everything on Etsy. Everything! Like ferrets dressed as Edwardian nannies….

You know, I declared celibacy for two years and I learned how to do all of this stuff. I learned how to crochet, how to knit, how to solder, how to do resin work, how to make altered books… It’s not like I was going to open an Etsy store—Courtney’s Crafty Cuckoo—but the clothes were initially made for me for the record.

So now you know.

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