Ka-ching: the salaries of priests

Actually, it’s Orthodox priests.

But, this gives an interesting window into what some clergy get paid.  The site breaks down salaries and benefits for both married and single priests.

Details from Orthodox Christian Laity: 

A newly-assigned priest that has just graduated from the Seminary should make an annual salary of $49,128-$66,528 plus extra benefits such as insurance, an automobile, a house (or an allowance for one) retirement contributions, seminars expenses, among other ones. A priest with 35 years of ministry and more will earn $113,856-$120,144, according to the Clergy Compensation Plan for 2013.

The priests’ salaries are the biggest expense of the parishes’ annual budgets, along with the annual monetary allocation they pay to the Archdiocese for what are called ministries.

According to the official Clergy Compensation Plan for 2013, a priest with service of up to five years can expect to earn $49,128-$66,528; 6-10 years $68,528-$74,136; 11-15 years $74,136-84,960; 16-20 years $84,960-$94,440; 21-25 years $94,440-$101,136; 26-30 years $101,136-$107,616; 31-35 years $107,616-$113,856; and over 35 years $113,856-$120,144.

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