Florida professor reprimanded for comparing priest to toilet

You remember this incident from last week.

The Catholic League has the following update:

The University of South Florida contacted Bill Donohue today about the incident involving Dr. Timothy Weil. Weil had compared priests to feces at a recent academic forum; to read the background about this issue, click here.

Donohue received a letter from Dr. Julianne Serovich, Dean and Professor, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences, wherein she stated that Weil received a “Letter of Counsel.” She also said he would be issuing an apology. Donohue had not sought his removal; rather, he asked for a reprimand.

Here is Donohue’s response:

Dear Dr. Serovich:

Thank you for your letter regarding my complaint against Dr. Timothy Weil. Your response is judicious. I consider this matter closed.


William A. Donohue, Ph.D.

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