Catholic principal fired—again

Some may remember when this school principal from the Bronx made headlines a couple years ago. Now he’s back in the news again:

A Bronx principal who was canned after being exposed as a bigot has been fired from another Catholic school in Pennsylvania after he was unmasked as a liar.

Frank Borzellieri, the former head of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, got the boot Friday after his new bosses at the Diocese of Erie, Pa., found out who he really was.

“It came to our attention that it wasn’t his real name, and the reason he was let go in New York was based on false information,” Bishop Lawrence Persico told the Daily News. “He no longer works at the school, effective immediately.”

Borzellieri, whose inflammatory writings were exposed by The News back in 2011, used the name Mario Bella when he was hired in December to run the DuBois Area Catholic School, a kindergarten through 12th grade institution about 75 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Persico said they did state and FBI background checks on a “Mario Bella” and he came up clean.

“He must have had an official name change,” Persico said. “The issue at hand here is there were some things missing in his employment history.”

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