Donate to support legal abortion, get a tiny coat hanger necklace!—UPDATED

How charming: 

DC Abortion Fund is the only organization in the D.C. region that focuses solely on disbursing small patient grants for abortion care in our community.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and our work is possible because of supporters like you.

Join our monthly sustainer program! DCAF relies on monthly sustainers to provide a steady source of income we can pledge to callers year-round.  Can we count on you to support our helpline and ensure our patients get the best care possible?

Donors who sign up to give $10/month or more will receive a DCAF coat hanger necklace as our way to say thank you.  To join as a monthly sustainer and receive your pendant, visit our online donation page today and in the dedication box, type in “Coat Hanger.”

This organization first started offering these little souvenirs a few years ago, but then suspended the practice. Now they’re at it again.

Pray for these people.

UPDATE: The Christian Post took note of the above controversy and has a response from the group offering the little hangers:

The DC Abortion Fund responded to the controversy on Thursday, writing on its official website that although there has recently been a lot of uproar over the coat hanger pendants, the nonprofit has actually been offering the necklace for years. “The DC Abortion Fund – contrary to recent conservative media reports – has for many years given away a silver coat hanger pendant to our monthly supporters.

“The pendant is nothing new or even particularly newsworthy.”

The group said the idea behind the coat hanger pendant was to remind pro-abortion advocates of what they’re fighting for, suggesting that before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, women had to resort to desperate measures to have a home abortion, such as using a coat hanger to remove the fetus.

“The coat hanger is a reminder of women’s suffering when abortion is placed out of reach. It is a promise from reproductive justice advocates to never go back to the grotesque world our anti-choice opponents are striving for: a world WITHOUT safe access to abortion, where women might have to resort to horrific alternatives like a coat hanger. That’s why our supporters love the pendants and wear them as a point of pride,” the group maintained.

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