the Traveling Homestead #1

There is so much to do and see in this wondrous world!   So many different kinds of beauty are quietly existing for their own sweet sakes and sometimes we are just in the right frame of mind to really immerse ourselves.   That is my trip so far;  we’ve seen ancient walls and brand new cars,  overcrowded busses and wide expanses of greenery.   All amazing!   The simplest thing is fascinating when it is unfamiliar.

And words are in shorter supply than images,  so I’d like to share just a few of my thousands of pics…

a community garden  beside the ancient wall  In York

a community garden
beside the ancient wall
In York

a terribly delicious British snack

a terribly delicious British snack

rain in Edinburgh looking out our window toward Arthur’s Seat

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About Jenya T. Beachy

Jenya T. Beachy has been walking the Twisted Path of spiritual seeking for most of her life.  She is the originator of the Shapeshifter line of Anderson Feri tradition Witchcraft and for many years, she’s led classes, retreats, and workshops locally and across the country on Tarot, Practical Magick, Ritual Skills, Personal Empowerment, Shadow Work, Ancestor Connection and much more.  Now the core principles of self-sufficiency, curiosity and creativity so long present in her magick have found expression in homemade chutney and hand-killed meat. She makes her home in the mountains above the ocean in California with her beloved husband, a passel of animals and many, many jars. Find out more at her website: or join the conversation on FB at the Urban Pagan Homestead group.