About Jenya T. Beachy

Jenya T. Beachy has been walking the Twisted Path of spiritual seeking for most of her life.  She is the originator of the Shapeshifter line of Anderson Feri tradition Witchcraft and for many years, she’s led classes, retreats, and workshops locally and across the country on Tarot, Practical Magick, Ritual Skills, Personal Empowerment, Shadow Work, Ancestor Connection and much more.  Now the core principles of self-sufficiency, curiosity and creativity so long present in her magick have found expression in homemade chutney and hand-killed meat. She makes her home in the mountains above the ocean in California with her beloved husband, a passel of animals and many, many jars. Find out more at her website:  www.jenyatbeachy.com or join the conversation on FB at the Urban Pagan Homestead group. 

A Simple Beltane Spell for Healthy Sex


This Beltane is an especially juicy time for some big bang-up workings with the Full Moon lending her blessings! Here is a good simple spell to help us harness the energies of this chaotic and abundant time of year, enhanced by the sweet juju of our Sister Luna, to open us to new ways of feeling. [Read more...]

Danger and Delight in the Season of Sex

red and blue flame embrace 600x300

Let’s talk about Beltane sexy stuff, the dangers and delights! We might not have ever learned how to approach this kind of energy with thoughtfulness and intent. We might not have felt safe. Here are some tips for taking care of yourself *and* having a most excellent good time! [Read more...]

An Invocation to the Gods of Beltane


An invocation for use in your Beltane rites and revels that can also serve as a circle casting. Hail the gods of Beltane! [Read more...]

Making It So: Seven Steps to Effective Spells


Prayer? Art? Wishful thinking? You don’t have to believe things *will* happen, only that they *can* happen! [Read more...]

Connecting to Our Birthright of Joy


Joy is our birthright. I believe this. As cells in the body of God, we get to be healthy and wealthy and whole. We are precious, every one of us. [Read more...]

Very Simple Spell for Big Deep Change


Creating our world is a task we’re involved in from the day we’re born. We are not in charge of every event that occurs in our lives; there are many co-creators with whom we share the responsibility for making things just so. We do, however, have tools that we don’t always remember (or know how) to use. Recognizing our connection with all things is a good start to crafting a world that is beautiful and just. [Read more...]

On Water ~ A Poem


I attune to Water
Held in flesh
And call to Kin in chalice held… [Read more...]

Jesus and Me ~ A Pagan Love Story


I asked him to share the strength of his revolutionary spirit with me and to teach me how to rise again. I don’t think that’s what they have in mind when they say “saved”, but I could be wrong. [Read more...]

We Are the Earth ~ A Spring Chant


I wrote this earworm a bunch of years ago and found myself singing it today. I think you might just like it! (includes a link to a highly unprofessional recording of my very own voice!) [Read more...]

13 Thoughts to Ponder ~ On Spring


13 Thoughts to Ponder ~ On Spring: A set of thoughts/questions to help us root into the season of growth, seek wisdom within and without, and share what we find…

Meditate on what comes up for you, do some free-writing, or make it a conversation with your family, coven or working group. Enjoy as you Will! [Read more...]