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Help Stop the Assholes

Someone in the slymepit community has decided that it would be absolutely hilarious to start up fake Twitter accounts that look like they belong to Ophelia Benson. She is working to get a verified account with Twitter and have them shut down, but we all can help by going to these accounts and blocking them as spam.'s also make sure everyone knows that this is not really Ophelia so … [Read more...]

O’Reilly vs Santa Claus

The Daily Currant, an Onion-style parody site, has an amusing article about Bill O'Reilly allegedly losing it with an in-store Santa Claus at Macy's after the fake Christmas icon wished him a "happy holidays" instead of a "merry Christmas." This doesn't seem too farfetched: … [Read more...]

How Schools Should Handle Contraception

A couple dozen high schools in the city of Philadelphia are finally getting around to doing what every single secondary school in the country ought to have done decades ago, providing free and anonymous access to condoms. It's all part of a pilot project to address high rates of HIV infection: … [Read more...]

God’s Gift of Discernment

I don't even know how I came across a link to this blog post by someone named Susan Shannon, who describes herself as a Christian conservative with a gift. A gift, you see, that allows her to cleverly see through the haze of media reports about the Newtown shootings and discern what's really going on: … [Read more...]

Swaziland Cures Rape by Banning Mini-Skirts

The nation of Swaziland will be protecting women against rape by arresting them for wearing mini-skirts or baring their midriffs, because that's far more effective than, you know, arresting the fucking rapist, who was obviously just too overcome by lust to help themselves. … [Read more...]

Pope Argues For Marriage Equality

Okay, not really. But as Alex Ross points out, the pope's Christmas homily about the importance of the family unwittingly makes a powerful argument in favor of marriage equality -- which is what always happens when people begin waxing eloquent about how wonderful marriage is for the people involved. The pope said: … [Read more...]

Worldnutdaily Hearts Robert Bork

The conservative white washing of Robert Bork's history of repulsive positions has only picked up speed in the wake of his death. And I've noticed a pattern where every single right wing tribute to him claims that he was unfairly and personally attacked without ever bothering to even mention, much less refute, any of the criticisms of him at the time of his failed nomination. The Worldnutdaily offers up pretty much exactly what one would expect: … [Read more...]

The Real Reason for Newtown Shootings

"Is this the real reason behind Sandy Hook," asks the Worldnutdaily. Oh boy, what's it gonna be this time? A UN plot to take our guns away? A secret Illuminati conspiracy? Nope, much simpler than all that. But it begins with this rather silly statement: … [Read more...]

Bishop: Gay Marriage Like Communism, Fascism

You would think that, of all organizations, the Roman Catholic Church would be a bit more careful before throwing out comparisons to Adolf Hitler. An organization with any sense of shame would. But a high-ranking church official has once again compared marriage equality to the Nazis. This time it's Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsberry, who used his Christmas homily to make that odious comparison: … [Read more...]

It Appears I’ve Started An ‘Atheist Cult’

Though FTB has been the center of much of the controversy over feminism and atheism that has taken place over the last year and a half, I have generally chosen to be Switzerland. I find the stridently anti-FTB crowd to generally range from the ridiculous to the odious, but for the most part I've stayed out of the fights. This video from former FTBer Al Stefanelli, unfortunately, prompts me to do more than dip my toes in the water. It's time to take the plunge. … [Read more...]

Prayer in Schools Key to Stopping Violence

The Worldnutdaily is pushing for a major ramping up of the culture wars in an attempt to re-Christianize American culture to avoid violence (never mind that religious belief correlates with higher rates of violence, not less). David Lane of the American Renewal Project starts his crusade with a big ol' lie: … [Read more...]

The Ted Nugent Countdown Clock

I wish I'd thought of this. A few months ago Ted Nugent declared that if Obama was reelected, by that time a year later, he'd be either dead or in jail. I'm not sure he gets enough credit for his get out the vote effort on behalf of the Obama campaign. And whoever came up with the Ted Nugent countdown clock, that's genius. … [Read more...]