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For Mitt So Loved His Begotten Country…

The post-mortem of a failed presidential campaign is always good fun. Immediately after the election, and sometimes before then if it's clear where things are headed, those in the campaign start shuffling for position outside of the blame spotlight, pushing each other under a series of buses. But the Boston Globe's analysis of the campaign contains this jaw-dropping statement: … [Read more...]

Dean Chambers Defends Bork. Kind Of.

Dean Chambers, poll unskewer extraordinaire, has a trite and empty piece out on the death of Robert Bork and the battle over his Supreme Court nomination in 1987. It purports to be an analysis of the situation, but it lacks any actual content to it. … [Read more...]

Gay Friends? That’s Like Cannibal Friends

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio are a bit upset at Rick Warren. Warren, you see, told an interviewer that he's not homophobic because he has lots of gay friends (I bet he even lets them use his bathroom). And that has Swanson and Buehner spouting all kinds of obnoxious comparisons: … [Read more...]

God Behind Right to Work Laws

Republicans in control of the Michigan legislature rammed through a right-to-work law during their last-minute lame-duck session, as I'm sure you've heard by now. Turns out God was behind the whole thing, according to the state senator who pushed the bill through. Here he is talking to none other than David Barton: … [Read more...]

Newtown Shootings: Could It Be…Satan?

Over time, Dana Carvey's famous Church Lady character on Saturday Night Live looks less like a parody and more like a direct impression. You knew it would only take a few minutes before some wingnut blames the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut on Satan himself. Dan Delzell, come on down. … [Read more...]

DeMint Replacement a Poor, Persecuted Minority

Tim Scott, the man likely to replace Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate, is a minority. He's a black conservative, which certainly makes him part of a very tiny group. But he's persecuted, you see, because he's a Christian -- the most persecuted minority group in American today! … [Read more...]

Critchlow: Obama, Democrats Worse Than Marxists

There's a part of me that feels bad for the wingnuts, having to continually one-up their own inflated rhetoric to keep the folks in the pews scared enough to open their wallets. When you've claimed that health care reform is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, there's not a lot of room after that. And since they've routinely called Obama and the Democrats "Marxists," now they have to argue that they're even worse than those cuddly old commies. Here's Don Critchlow talking to Phyllis Schlafly: … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Military Encouraging Abuse of Christian Soldiers

Here's another report from the bizarro world inhabited by the wingnuts, especially the truly deranged ones like Gordon Klingenschmitt. In the real world, Christian soldiers, and even a particular type of Christian soldiers, get a leg up from their similar-thinking superiors and lots of advantages. On Planet Wingnuttia, Klingenschmitt claims that the military is deliberately encouraging gay soldiers to force themselves on Christian soldiers. He sent this typically hysterical screed to his … [Read more...]

Dean: Sandy Hook Another Government Plot

You gotta hand it to Bradlee Dean. The evil government keeps coming up with these dastardly plots to take our guns away, but they can't sneak anything past this super sleuth. It's not a coincidence, you see, that the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut took place just days before the UN was going to do just that: … [Read more...]

Judge Moore: Evolution Destroying the Constitution

Newly reelected Judge Roy Moore is back in his old seat as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, where he can declare that lesbian women should be put to death to his heart's delight. He went on a wingnut radio show recently and declared that evolution is to blame for the alleged destruction of the Constitution: … [Read more...]

The All-Powerful Personal Anecdote

One of the hallmarks of the fundamentalist mindset is a reliance on anecdotes rather than evidence. They love their stories, especially fake conversations, and they cling to them like they were made of gold. Here's a classic from young earth creationist Ken Ham: … [Read more...]

‘Prophets’ Admit Election Mistake

Prior to the election we had a steady string of "prophets," most of them association with the New Apostolic Reformation, offering a steady stream of dreams and visions that showed them that Romney would defeat Obama. Now that it's over, they've got some splainin' to do. Rick Joyner, you're up: … [Read more...]