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Reason #Infinity Why Feminism Still Matters

A group of female former executives from Merrill Lynch are suing the company for a variety of forms of gender discrimination, one of which is that they were apparently all given copies of a book called Seducing the Boy's Club: Uncensored Tactics From a Woman at the Top by a female ad exec named Nine DiSesa. New York magazine has some excerpts from that book that are truly appalling, like this passage on how to manipulate men into doing your work for you: … [Read more...]

Bishop Tutu’s Homophobic God

I had the remarkably good fortune to get to meet Bishop Desmond Tutu a few years ago and be part of a small group of people to sit and talk with him for a few hours. Tutu recently stirred up some controversy by declaring that he would never worship a homophobic God and would rather go to hell than to heaven with such a God. … [Read more...]

King’s Mendacious Defense

Rep. Steve King is rightly being blasted from all sides for his repulsive comments about there being 100 Mexican immigrant drug mules "with calves the size of cantaloupes" for every smart student among the Dreamers and he is doubling down on his racism. Appearing on the Laura Ingraham show he refused to back down: … [Read more...]

Obama Promise Disappears Down the Memory Hole

The dedicated folks at the Sunlight Foundation have discovered something very interesting. The Obama administration's website, which was set up during the 2008 transition and still available as of early last month, has now disappeared from the web. They suggest one possible reason why: … [Read more...]

Judge Overturns $1 Million Seizure

Finally, a legal blow to our blatantly unconstitutional asset forfeiture laws. A federal judge has ordered the Nebraska State Police to return $1 million they seized from a couple on the grounds that it was drug-related, without ever charging, much less convicting them, of any crime. … [Read more...]

No, a Parent Can’t Preach on School Steps

A public high school in Concord, New Hampshire is not going to allow a parent to pray and read the Bible aloud on the steps of the school when students are arriving, as they apparently did for months previously. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter about it, which finally prompted them to stop it. … [Read more...]

Skepticon Needs Help

Skepticon is my favorite conference to go to. I love the fact that it's free, which means a lot more people can afford to go, especially younger people. And being around young atheists always energizes me. JT Eberhard and Lauren Lane are once again taking the lead in organizing the conference they created 6 years ago and he's putting out the call for contributions so they can keep the event free. Please help out if you can. This is an amazing event and I really hope it continues. … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe President Wants to Behead Gay People

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe continued his long history of violent and barbaric anti-gay rhetoric during a rally for that country's upcoming elections, saying that it is imperialism to condition aid on treating gay people like human beings because gays should be beheaded. … [Read more...]

National Review, Newsmax Get In On Right Wing Racket

I've written many times recently about the many scams being distributed to the mailing lists of right wing news and blog sites. Conor Friedersdorf recently got an email from the National Review and Newsmax promising to tell seniors how to get government funding to send them on vacation. … [Read more...]

Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Shredding Evidence

This week in entirely unsurprising news: Halliburton destroyed evidence of their own culpability after the BP oil spill. They've now agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges for it and to pay a whopping $200,000 fine, which I assume will merely come out of petty cash. … [Read more...]

The Bipartisan Consensus On Surveillance

Glenn Greenwald reports on the behind-the-scene battle over an amendment that would have confined NSA data mining only to those who are actually under investigation rather than allowing them to collect massive amounts of data on all of us in the name of stopping terrorism. That amendment failed in the House, but the vote was pretty close -- and the leadership of both parties united to make sure that no limits would be placed on the National Surveillance State. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Beck vs Bachmann

Uh oh. It appears that Michele Bachmann has lost favor with Glenn Beck because she not only voted against an amendment that would have defunded the NSA, she argued that those concerned about NSA data mining and illegal spying are completely wrong. … [Read more...]