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RNC Declares War on Christmas!

Oh, Bill O'Reilly is not going to be happy about this at all. Not one little bit. The Republican National Committee has shown the world that it hates Jesus and America by tweeting a Happy Kwanzaa greeting to the black people they spend the rest of the year working against. And some of the responses are hilarious. … [Read more...]

Palin: Unnamed Gay People Are On My Side

Sarah Palin continued her tour of the Fox News shows to wax ignorant about the Duck Dynasty douchebag's bigoted comments, appearing on Sean Hannity's show to invoke an unnamed and, I'm guessing, imaginary friend "who happens to be gay" and supports her position: … [Read more...]

Gay Conservatives and Duck Dynasty

We saw how the theo-conservatives rushed immediately to the defense of the Duck Dynasty douchebag's bigoted and ignorant statements. But what do gay conservatives think about it? Turns out they're divided on the subject, which should be a surprise to no one (at least no more surprising than the fact that there is such a thing as a gay conservative). … [Read more...]

No, Edward Snowden Should Not Come Back

I've heard a lot of people, including some of the alleged liberals in Congress (I'm looking at you, Mark Udall) make the argument that if Edward Snowden really thinks he was a legitimate whistleblower, he should return to the United States to stand trial and make the argument that what he did was in the common good. But as Trevor Timm points out, it's an argument he wouldn't even be allowed to make. … [Read more...]

OMG! The UN is Taking Over Michigan!

The paranoid far right in Michigan -- we have a whole lot of those types -- is abuzz with breathless tales of vehicles allegedly belonging to the United Nations being driven to an army air base in Grayling "using secondary roads and traveling only at night." … [Read more...]

The Humanist Interviews Hemley Gonzalez

Mike Kuhlenbeck has an interview with Hemley Gonzalez in The Humanist that is worth reading despite its flaws. Gonzalez is a guy who went to work in one of Mother Teresa's homes for the poor in Kolkata, India and was so appalled by what he saw that he decided to start his own organization to do that work more effectively. Unfortunately, the interview focuses almost solely on saying bad things about Mother Teresa and not on the positive things Gonzalez is doing. The introduction is about the only … [Read more...]

An Incredible Story of ‘Witches’ and Hope

Our four Pathfinders just finished a few weeks at one of the camps for accused witches set up by Leo Igwe and other humanists, this one in Ghana. Wendy Webber has a remarkable blog post about the experience that is simultaneously appalling and moving. Like blasphemy accusations in so many countries, witchcraft accusations are often made for ulterior motives: … [Read more...]

Hope for Asset Forfeiture Reform in Michigan

I'm pleased to see that a bill has been submitted in the Michigan legislature to reform the way the police seize assets, both money and property, in criminal cases. There are actually two bills, but the most important of the two would require a conviction before a seizure can take place. … [Read more...]

Atheism, Homelessness and False Hope

You may well have seen this column by Chris Arnade, a physicist turned turned Wall Streeters turned activist against homelessness, in The Guardian. His claim is that atheism is "an intellectual luxury for the wealthy." And his only attempt at an argument for that conclusion is that the homeless people he works with typically believe in God. … [Read more...]

No, Catholic Judges Should Not Recuse Themselves From Contraception Cases

Ron Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry and also an attorney, has a blog post at the CFI website asking "Should Catholic Judges Recuse Themselves from the Contraceptive Mandate Cases?" The answer is no. And frankly, he doesn't make much of an attempt to argue for a negative answer. He seems mostly concerned with whether the RCC will consider them "good Catholics" if they don't vote a certain way in such cases. … [Read more...]

WXYZ Does Infomercial for ‘Pet Psychics’

WXYZ, an ABC affiliate in the Detroit area, did a story the day after Christmas that was nothing more than an informercial for a couple of con artists presenting themselves as "pet psychics." The "reporter" who did the story brought her dog in for a reading and this was the result. … [Read more...]

DDD Skips the Usual Ritual, Still Wins

So the Duck Dynasty Douchebag, as I have been referring to Phil Robertson, is back and so is the show on A&E after a 9-day "indefinite" suspension that skipped over all the usual elements that surround such situations. This is what I wrote in a private Facebook group on Dec. 19: … [Read more...]