Peter in HD: Unhindered! The first part of a journey through the Book of Acts, primarily on how God worked through His apostles to grow His Church for us and Christ followers to come. Read more

The Brad Stine Network Home Shopping Channel! From Hose Water, to Duct Tape, to Cardboard Boxxe… Americans will purchase anything today, so long as it’s presented as the cool thing to buy! And Christians are no different than anyone else! Watch this video and just try not to buy our BS! Read more

Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our Children with Ainsley Earhardt | Co-host of FOX and Friends, Ainsley is a model of unashamed faith, consummate professionalism, and is a devoted mom Read more

Enjoying the Everyday Moments of Motherhood – singer songwriter Nichole Nordeman shares her insights on motherhood and slowing down in order to appreciate life’s great moments. Read more

Rhetoric Repressor – I miss civil discourse, conversations with differing opinions, with nobody getting angry. Once upon a time, we knew how to think and discuss the issues. And boy, do I have tons of issues! Read more

“Fish Wars” – A university professor did a study of people with Darwin fish on their cars. His conclusion: some Darwin fish owners are militant; others playful. Read more

The Importance of Leaning on God to Become MomStrong with Heidi St. John | Christian parents must rise up and be strong their faith and their example to their kids Read more

How Understanding Personality Changes Everything with Anne Bogel – Anne does a great job of explaining all the personality types and why it’s important for you to understand these aspects of yourself and other people. Read more

Real Lives of NFL Wives with Tracy and Freddy Keiaho | This episode offers tools to equip you to grow healthier stronger relationships and help you serve others. Read more

Embracing Life with Defiant Joy with Candace Payne – How a prayer, returning yoga pants, laughing over a silly mask — and an insane, super viral video changed her life. Read more

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