Planet Earth’s Potsdam Declaration on Climate Change

Planet Earth is calling for the unconditional surrender of climate hostilities. Based on the Potsdam Declaration ending WWII, here are the terms. Read more

We’ve Lost the Climate War. It’s Time to Surrender.

We are not going to win this war on the climate. It has already won. There is no fighting back. We must humble ourselves and agree to the terms of surrender. Read more

Your Work Matters to God: A Christian Reflection for Labor Day

How can churches support people in their work? As we celebrate Labor Day, Martin Luther’s concept of vocation helps Christians reframe their faith and work. Read more

Write a Different Ending: Phineas and the ‘Butter Battle’

As nuclear tensions mount and fears compound, a little known story from the book of Joshua offers a way to restore islands of sanity in an insane world. Read more

Psalm 137: The Beautifully Dangerous Psalm

Psalm 137 is rarely ever used in worship. Why? Because it is a dangerous psalm. But we need to read it, study it, and listen to the voice of anguished rage. Because God is listening to those voices as well. Read more

How to Preach When You Are Afraid

Here’s the truth many clergy have shared with me – they’re afraid to preach about issues of public concern. Why? And how can preachers be both pastoral & prophetic? Read more

8 Ways to Preach About Charlottesville, White Supremacy, and Racial Justice – REVISED

Here are 8 ways to preach about Charlottesville by crafting a sermon that confronts the realities of white supremacy and bigotry, and proclaims God’s unequivocal word of justice and righteousness. Read more

9 Reasons You Need to Preach about Charlottesville and White Supremacy

Are you hesitating to preach about Charlottesville, white supremacy, and racism? Here are 9 reasons why you need to talk about these issues in your sermon. Read more

The Harp Sermon: A Response to Charlottesville and Racial Hatred

The Harp Sermon: What St. Paul – and playing the harp – have taught me about race, white supremacy, and the need for diversity and inclusion. Read more

7 Ways Your Church Can Support Your Female Pastor

Here are seven suggestions not just for avoiding insensitive sexist remarks, but for actively supporting your female pastor in her ministry. Read more

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