The #MeToo movement has shown us that there are consequences for violating women. When it comes to fracking, it’s time we realize that there are consequences for violating Earth as well. Read more

I’m emotional about gun violence.  I’ll admit it. I have very strong feelings about guns and gun violence. And that’s not a bad thing. Read more

I’m done supporting the 2nd Amendment.  The Founding Fathers would never have wanted the kind of carnage our nation has endured and continues to inflict upon children, men, and women. You had your chance to show that you could handle this right with equal responsibility.  Instead, you have used it to create an industry that kills children and adults by the hundreds of thousands, even topping one million deaths.  As Neil deGrasse Tyson recently tweeted: Your right to own a… Read more

On Ash Wednesday when we bring these symbols together – ashes and the cross – two realms are bridged and sacredness happens. That sacredness is inscribed right onto your skin. Read more

The sermons, essays, and speeches  of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are a wonder to behold for their rhetorical prowess. Richard Lischer, in his book, The Preacher King (Oxford University Press, 1997), explains how King drew together many strands to weave his compelling rhetoric. Raised in Ebenezer Baptist Church, King experienced the power of black preaching. His seminary training in Protestant liberalism gave him the tools of critical thinking. He also had a keen understanding of the power of American… Read more

Riveting and revealing, ‘In God We Trump’ helps us make sense of the baffling phenomenon of Evangelical Christian support of Donald Trump. Read more

‘Moonlight’ is a film that fuses ecological theology, sacramentology, and the ethics of race and sexuality into an unforgettable experience of grace. Read more

I realized I was a risk for my congregation. These 5 steps helped. Healthy pastor = healthy congregation + healthy planet. Read more

Trump has eroded our moral foundations. Every person of faith, who strives to honor the One they profess to serve, must help bring back the necessary taboos. Read more

Is ‘Trumpy Bear’ for real? Unfortunately, yes. Let’s dissect this propaganda bear with 9 reasons it’s an insult, a mockery, and a sham. Read more

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