Hundreds of United Methodist clergy and church members signed a letter bringing church law charges against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Is it right for the church to critique one of its own and threaten spiritual discipline? Read more

How an online seminary’s Earth Day event in an office complex created community and redefined ‘being church’ in unexpected ways.   Read more

This week’s devotional focuses on the gift of trees. Matthew Sleeth provides a meaningful reflection as we contemplate the ways in which God blesses us through trees. Read more

Let’s take a walk through the arboretum of the Bible. From cedar trees to mustard seeds, the power of God is found in the highest branches, as well as the lowliest bushes. Read more

Hartford Seminary in Connecticut is hosting its annual Luce-Hartford Conference in Christian-Muslim Relations from June 18 – 20, focusing on the theme “God’s Creation and Human Responsibility.”  I am honored to be one of the keynote speakers for the conference. Read more

This 8-week interfaith devotional has been designed to encourage and uplift you as you connect your faith with your love of nature.  The devotional is part of the Healthy Trees, Healthy People, Healthy Faith study. Read more

In Christianity, we talk about “spreading the gospel,” gospel meaning ‘good news’ in Greek.  Well, trees are good news!  Here’s how we can share the gospel of trees. Read more

June 4 marks the first time a Poor People’s Campaign group was denied entrance into their state’s Capitol building – and it happened in Frankfort, Kentucky. Read more

‘These aren’t people. These are animals,’ said Trump. So what’s wrong with calling people ‘animals’? It cuts both ways – it hurts people, and it hurts animals as well. This rhetoric puts us on a very dangerous path. Read more

The election of two female African American bishops in the ELCA may be a turning point for the church. The biblical story of Hagar helps us frame this historic event to see how women of color are stepping out of the wilderness and into positions of leadership within the church. Read more

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