The election of two female African American bishops in the ELCA may be a turning point for the church. The biblical story of Hagar helps us frame this historic event to see how women of color are stepping out of the wilderness and into positions of leadership within the church. Read more

The Rev. Patricia Davenport has been elected as the first African-American female bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This iconic image captures why this moment is so important for the church. Read more

James Cone has died at the age of 79.  It feels like a shining light in the moral universe has just gone out. This is one white woman’s tribute whose heart was convicted and whose eyes were opened by the work of this theologian.  Read more

You’ve held an Earth Day service at your church to honor and celebrate God’s Creation. Now it’s time to move beyond Earth Day and up your church’s game when it comes to having a robust Creation-care ministry. Here are 10 ideas to move toward advocacy and activism. Read more

How serendipitous that Earth Month and National Poetry Month occupy April together.  Here are some selections of eco-poetry I wrote for Earth day.  A pair of haiku, and a longer poem. Read more

You’d like to preach a sermon about caring for God’s Creation in your congregation. But where to begin? Here are a dozen Bible passages that provide a foundation for preaching and teaching about Earth-care. Read more

The story of Doubting Thomas is sometimes used to shame those who struggle with their faith.  Let’s rethink this approach to those who doubt. This story has even more grace than you might think. Read more

This month marks the first anniversary of my EcoPreacher blog on Patheos.  I’m grateful to all my readers who have read, shared, commented, and Tweeted about the pieces I have posted over the past year. Here is the list of the Top 10 hits! Read more

What is Holy Humor Sunday? Here are suggestions for your congregation to celebrate God’s sense of humor, Jesus’ joyous resurrection, and the gift of the Holy Spirit through our laughter. Read more

Easter, April Fools. Some Christians may chafe at the notion of their holiest of days falling on the same occasion as April Fools Day. But we may want to reconsider, because it is actually more appropriate than you think. Read more

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