My son has a Christmas Birthday. I imagined Mary writing a letter to her son Jesus on his first birthday, and then wrote a parallel letter to my son. Read more

Mary ponders. It is not just Mary’s body that has brought together heaven and earth, but her mind as well. Read more

Mary ponders. She’s a thinking, feeling, turning-things-over-in-her-mind kind of gal. I like those qualities in Mary. Apparently, God likes that about her, too. Read more

For Christians, the word conspiracy takes on a different meaning when we understand how the Spirit of God works to breathe justice into and among us. Read more

#MeToo, #ChurchToo: The #MeToo movement is beginning to well up within the Christian Church.  We’re starting to realize that sexism is rampant in #ChurchToo. Women in congregations are peering out from stained glass windows watching the secular world finally confront sexism, discrimination, and abuse. And we’re wondering – what about us? What about the institution in which we have committed our faith, our hearts, minds, and bodies? Only to have those bodies objectified. Our minds stymied by the church’s entrenched… Read more

#MeToo meet #YouToo. Even good men are being shaken to their core by the daily revelations of sexual misconduct. That’s a good thing. Read more

A Reflection on Holy Communion. One of my favorite poets, David Whyte, describes tasting as an act of incarnation. When we fully participate in our own lives, bringing our whole selves to each moment, we incarnate – become flesh – in a way that is wholly unique.  No one else has ever embodied this frontier of existence in quite the same way.  And no one will ever experience this confluence of tasting, smelling, seeing, touching, and smelling in this way again… Read more

This Advent season, spend some time with darkness, even if it scares you a little. The darkness has much to teach us. Advent 1 preaching ideas. Read more

Christ the King locates himself not just in the heights of the heavens, but in the depths of the soil that birthed him, took him in after his death, and rebirthed him on Easter morning. Read more

Who is the most grateful person you know? This Thanksgiving sermon encourages you to pivot on the fulcrum of gratitude. Read more

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