Book Review: Preaching the Women of the Old Testament

Ever heard of Achsah? The Daughters of Zelophehad? Rizpah? Think you know the story of Delilah? Miriam? Bathsheba? Then you need to read this book! Read more

Sermon: Finding the Mustard Seed in the Arboretum of Faith

A sermon for the stately cedar, the young sapling, the wild bush, and even the tiniest mustard seed. Read more

Watching ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) in the Age of Black Lives Matter

‘Blade Runner’ takes on new meaning in the age of Black Lives Matter. How race, whiteness, and privilege color our perception of what it means to be human. Read more

Do You Like Our Owl? ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) and Climate Change

Like other ‘Blade Runner’ geeks, I am eagerly awaiting ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ the sequel to the dystopian sci-fi movie. But I recently re-watched the original film, and suddenly realized that climate change was written all over it. Read more

Book Review: Eco-Reformation – Grace and Hope for a Planet in Peril

Non-Lutherans may be tempted to bypass this volume. But that would be a mistake. Because Lutherans have a great deal to contribute to the ecological justice movement. Read more

Feed the Right Wolf: Preaching Eco-Resurrection in the Midst of Eco-Crucifixion

The climate crisis threatens us with despair. How do we ‘feed the right wolf’ and preach good news to lift us out of the ‘dark night of the green soul’? Here are three examples. Read more

Noah’s Ark and Climate Change: What Kind of Church Will We Be?

I talked about Noah’s Ark in a children’s sermon once, and one child asked, ‘What happened to all the other animals who weren’t on the ark? And the people?’ Er, uh . . . Okay, child, here’s the truth. Read more

“God Camped Out With Us” – Sermon for a Church Camping Retreat

With our own tents in the background at our church camping retreat, John 1:14 took on a different perspective as we thought about God pitching a tent. Read more

Receiving the Right Yoke: A Sermon on Burdens and Stress

Matthew 11:25 – 30 speaks about rest and taking Jesus’ yoke. Why is Jesus giving me yet one more yoke, one more burden? Perhaps I need to learn a bit more about this yoke. Read more

Black Raspberries: A Summer Poem

It’s important for those of us who do advocacy on behalf of this planet to take time to immerse ourselves in the sacredness of Creation. This is a poem I wrote capturing the experience of an evening summer walk hunting for black raspberries – being led, following a Call. Read more

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