#MeToo meet #YouToo. Even good men are being shaken to their core by the daily revelations of sexual misconduct. That’s a good thing. Read more

A Reflection on Holy Communion. One of my favorite poets, David Whyte, describes tasting as an act of incarnation. When we fully participate in our own lives, bringing our whole selves to each moment, we incarnate – become flesh – in a way that is wholly unique.  No one else has ever embodied this frontier of existence in quite the same way.  And no one will ever experience this confluence of tasting, smelling, seeing, touching, and smelling in this way again… Read more

This Advent season, spend some time with darkness, even if it scares you a little. The darkness has much to teach us. Advent 1 preaching ideas. Read more

Christ the King locates himself not just in the heights of the heavens, but in the depths of the soil that birthed him, took him in after his death, and rebirthed him on Easter morning. Read more

Who is the most grateful person you know? This Thanksgiving sermon encourages you to pivot on the fulcrum of gratitude. Read more

At Thanksgiving, some of us will be at diverse tables with a mix of people from different religions or no religious affiliations. It might be helpful to begin the meal with Thanksgiving readings or quotes that speak to the theme of gratitude. Read more

Blue dot in a sea of Red on Thanksgiving? Red dot in a sea of Blue? By practicing these strategies of peace and compassion, you may end up being the very reason someone gives thanks on Thanksgiving. Read more

Why protect natural lands like Kentucky’s Pine Mountain? Kentucky Natural Lands Trust shows us it’s an act of faith. And an act of patriotism. Read more

‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ by Robert Frost is one of my favorite poems. My autumn version attempts to both mirror Frost’s form, while bringing the seasons and life cycle full circle. Read more

An excerpt from my article ‘Preaching the Body of God: Exploring the Work of Sallie McFague for a Homiletics of Creation Care’ in ‘The Other Journal.’ Read more

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