I love you, now change.

Being married twenty-seven years is better than being married one year and one reason is that I have changed. If the t-shirt slogan: “I love you, you are perfect, now change.” is funny, it is only because the second premise of the argument (“you are perfect”), contradicts the conclusion. Nobody, ever, should marry a person [Read More...]

Thoughts on Science and Faith (Part III)

This is the last part in an informal series on “faith” and what Christians mean by it when talking about science. Part I and Part II set up the topic. In this final part, I think about living a rational life and what it means for a Christian. What is it to be rational? The [Read More...]

Thoughts on Faith and Science (Part II)

I posted some informal thoughts on faith in Part I. In Part II, I examine miracles and Christianity and the relative importance of each to the Faith. Miracles and Central versus Less Central Claims Obviously, the most important facts about Christianity that might be subject to scientific investigation are centered in the life and ministry [Read More...]

Thoughts on Faith and Science (Part I)

If theism is true, then we might see God.1 No greater good can be imagined than seeing the Good. If we needed a motive to examine theism, no better exists. Christianity demonstrates that the Good became a human being in the person of Jesus and loves humankind enough to save us from ourselves. If we [Read More...]

The American Moral Minority

Shock about being in a minority on sexual morality shocks me. Christians in America have been a moral minority on sexual issue before iPods existed. An advantage of being old is that you get used to change: welcome and unwelcome. I have seen moral improvement on some issues and a growing decadence in others. In [Read More...]

Further Reflections of Faith and Love

I hoped she loved me, but I did not know. She turned me down cold in tenth grade and so there was reason to doubt that she found me attractive, but tenth grade was a long time ago. And yet her note that year had been very spiritual and very final: she would only date [Read More...]

So Happy I Could Shout

Let’s get this out of the way: Lee Strobel is coming onto the Apologetics team at HBU. But this is not the press release, that is here. This is a personal reflection on education: what American Christians should want, what we too often get, and what we can do about. What is the bottom line? Educational [Read More...]

In Which Jesus Is Shown To Be Better than a Facebook Friend

Friendship is a great good and Facebook friendship is a lesser good, but that does not mean it isn’t a good.  Facebook is enjoyable and a great improvement over once a year Christmas newsletters. Conversations take place and information is exchanged. Just because a good is the greatest good doesn’t mean it isn’t good! But would [Read More...]

A Sad Little Film: Star Trek II Again

Star Wars fans beware. By the time J.J. Abrams is done with your childhood, it will be even smaller and less impressive than reality always makes going home again. If the tree you built a house in was not nearly as high as you recall, in the hands of Abrams that tree would be torn [Read More...]

If Left Alone: What My Grandchildren Will See

Christians are a minority when it comes to sex outside of marriage. The Christian church teaches that sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin, but most Americans think it is morally acceptable. The good news is that if the immoral majority will leave us alone, the Christian minority is large enough to prevail over [Read More...]