Oh No! I am an American Christian

A worry is abroad that we will Americanize our Christianity, but people should stop worrying. If you are an American, you’d better Americanize your Christianity or you will find it impossible to live your Christianity.  Work hard to live out your Christianity in your culture: change what must be changed, adapt what can be adapted, [Read More...]

Appreciating Commercials: With a Shout Out to Kim Gaynor

I can hear it coming. There is a branch of religion and irreligion that worries that somewhere, someplace, somebody is having a good time. This good time must be suspect as good times always are and so jeremiads follow. Super Bowl parties, the Super Bowl, football, and Doritos will all be condemned by the same [Read More...]

Serious Lessons from an Unserious Event: Super Bowl Truths

The Super Bowl is the least serious event Americans take seriously. And, yet, why should we waste the day without learning? I have thought about each Super Bowl over the course of a life spent loving the Packers and taking the Super Bowl more seriously than it deserves. I rooted for the Bills four times. [Read More...]

Becoming Stalin: Leadership “Lessons” To Avoid

I have been lucky to know and work for great leaders, one of them being my Dad. He is good, humble, loyal, and manages from love. Not everyone is so blessed. The worst case of a leader in the twentieth century may be Stalin. Stalin was the Apostle of Fear and, sadly, many in authority [Read More...]

Learning from Fiction: What is wrong with fundamentalists and atheists?

The man who cannot learn from fiction because it is not literally true is like the man who cannot watch an event on television because it is not “literally” before his eyes. He is missing the truth in the representation of reality. Fiction has taught me as much as n0n-fiction. That Hideous Strength, Jane Eyre, the myths of Republic, and [Read More...]

On God’s Command to Kill All the Canaanites

There are many decent responses to the old “problem:” how could a good God command the genocide of all the people of Canaan?” Let us leave aside the over literalism that ignores the spiritual point of the passage and assumes that we are reading God’s battle plan of the people of Israel. One thing that [Read More...]

The Problem with Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is bad for sports. His badness is not helped if he is not the worst. His badness is not helped if he an otherwise decent guy. I do not know Mr. Belichick so he might be terrific in the other roles he holds, but that does not make him good for sports. His badness is [Read More...]

God Save the Queen

The leaders from the World War II era are gone: one ruler remains. Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain (etcetera!) will be feted by her subjects for many reasons this year, especially as she is compared with so many other heads of state. Americans should be thankful for her reign as well and remember the [Read More...]

Duck Dynasty and Dante: the Joyful Union

There are days for Duck Dynasty and days for Dante, but no days where I don’t love both Duck Dynasty and Dante with appropriate levels of love. The illumined Rod Dreher says that Dante sometimes conflicts with Duck Dynasty and he is right, the habit of rightfulness being one he cannot break, but I have never experienced this [Read More...]

Speed of Discussion

Speed kills cultures. At the speed of mules, Medieval people learned to discuss, debate, and decide. A certain amount of thoughfulness was possible in the lag time of copying a scroll. Burn a few copies of an intemperate letter and it was gone. At the speed of printing presses, Christians discussed with Medieval rules and [Read More...]