Living in a Bubble

Chik-Fil-A be warned. Standing in the Legion of Honor, a stunning collection of art in a beautiful building with a world class view of the Golden Gate, I got to listen to three students discuss the chicken company. One of them was being offered a job (“Can you believe it?”) in social media and networking [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders on Education: Give the Grifters More

Socialism has this going for it: it sees a problem and it proposes a very direct solution. Kids are struggling to get the schooling they need and Bernie Sanders has the solution: free college. This jolly solution has the advantage of being easy to understand, free is a simple concept, but immoral in practice. Sanders [Read More...]

Talk Less

On the way to the airport, I realized that driving with Lewis and Hope made me the loud kid. They like to think, reflect, and use their inside the head voice. Like some Tour Guide Ken, I feel compelled to keep talking, because that is what I do. Until I realize how very, very annoying [Read More...]

A Comedy Tonight

All my children will be legal adults by the start of next month. This is not sad to me, because, for good or bad, I have been there for every year of their lives. The law is just now recognizing what has been true for a good while: there are not “kids” left to sit [Read More...]

Work Together: Happening in Houston

Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East. Black churches are being burned down in America. North Korea and China impose party atheism on the believers in both lands. When the Islamic State comes with swords, nobody asks the name of your pastor. If Jesus is Lord, you are going to die. That is persecution [Read More...]

Trump: He Has the Right Foes

My Daddy taught me that having the right enemies is a good thing. If Vlad Putin would just repudiate me, then my Orthodox soul would rejoice, but sadly I have yet to achieve the importance and probably never will. Donald Trump has no such problem. Our irritating, chattering, Democratic elite hate Donald Trump. Our impotent, [Read More...]

Vanity of Vanities

Gym slogans are prose written by devils to tempt me to cynicism. These are the falsehoods like: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” I am pretty sure this is false as yellow fever did not kill Teddy Roosevelt, but it left him permanently weaker and who am I to argue with the Bull Moose? [Read More...]

You Still Cannot Be Moral Without God

This post is part of a feature from Patheos called Head to Head. This week, I’m debating the Catholic Channel’s Dr. Gregory Popcak. The question: is a deity necessary for morality? This week’s question was inspired by Patheos Atheist writer Peter Mosley’s story on Theism’s Morality Glitch. I stood in Vegas and millions of dollars [Read More...]

American Anti-Intellectualism and the Theological Left

When I was a boy, the temptation to join the theological left was based on intellectualism. Fundamentalism was accused of appeals to “Mother’s prayers are following you” and a heart religion that viewed thinking with disdain. There was some truth to this accusation, though the theologians who wrote in The Fundamentals were not mentally lazy even [Read More...]

God and American Government: People Who May Exist Should Change Their Minds

Evangelicals love to be told how terrible they are. If you lash them, they will pay to hear the message. When Frank Schaeffer was young enough to go by Frankie, he was a fringe player on the religious right who made his mark (as we noticed it) by telling us we had bad taste in [Read More...]