Get Real Prophets

Only the open narcissist admits that he will not listen to criticism.. Interview anyone for a job and ask. Some will go as far as to claim they welcome criticism. Hire them and you discover they may welcome criticism, but mostly as a way to find their enemies. Most of us have decided that the people who [Read More...]

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Reading the news can be discouraging if you care about reality. You do not need me to tell you the West is falling into moral decadence at an increasing rate. The rich will survive this plunge and even enjoy it in the early stages. Things will not fall apart, immediately, but the libertine values promoted [Read More...]

Pentecostal Power

I have seen miracles and experienced a few of my own. I have also known people who would cry “miracle” when none occurred and others who would not admit a miracle even when rigorous tests were applied. My purpose is not to argue with either the overly credulous or the overly skeptical, but point to [Read More...]

Five Signs A Christian Celebrity Isn’t

A bad feature of celebrity culture is the tendency of smaller groups to develop celebrities that aren’t. Despite being (at least) one quarter of the American population, Evangelical behavior is banned in popular media. Nobody prays over a meal on television unless they are getting ready to bomb an aquarium in order to kill a [Read More...]

Joan Died Triumphant

My daughter played “Joan of Arc” in the play Triumphant this weekend and I saw again why I love the Maid of Orleans. She is strong, right, and unselfish, but enough about my daughter. Joan of Arc is an icon of powerful, holy, brave womanhood that my daughter Jane exemplifies and we have never needed Joan more. [Read More...]

The Shield Failed, the City Endures

Today the shield of the West failed and we are still paying the price. When Rome decayed and died in the West, losing all ability to save most of the great culture of Greece and Rome, there was one city that saved most of what was saved. Plato was reduced to one dialogue in the [Read More...]

One Cheer For Rick Santorum

Santorum is running again for President though polls do not yet realize it and voters may never do so. If I had to list my primary preferences, like most Republicans, Rick Santorum would be the emergency pick. If a plague of Biblical proportions strikes the GOP crowd, leaving only Donald Trump, Chris Christie, and Rick [Read More...]

Celebrity Christianity Must Die

The Greeks had a wise saying: “Call no man happy until he is dead.” Celebrity culture calls a man happy as soon as he has enough followers on Facebook. We do not know enough about celebrities to call them “happy” as the biographies that come out after their deaths often demonstrate. We trivialize our goal [Read More...]

A Modest Proposal Concerning Pronouns

Evidently, a privilege helping me along life’s way has been my access of the pronoun “he.” Like all such privileges, it has existed apart from my knowing the gains. There are two approaches to take when one discover’s one’s undue privilege. One is to tax or otherwise burden the winner to equalize things for the [Read More...]

Memorial Day and the Real World

Cartoon movies lose allure when I look at a picture of my dad with my cousin Paul. Paul had no superpowers though he was a fine artist who spent a lifetime creating beauty in storefront windows in Charleston, West Virginia. He ended up in Europe killing Nazis, landing in Normandy, fighting in the Bulge, surviving [Read More...]