Gratitude: An Intellectual History (A Live Reading Part II)

Gratitude: An Intellectual History is a very good book (thus far) written by an interesting intellectual. Good books are rare, interesting intellectuals not so common, and good books by interesting intellectuals are like a clean comedienne who is funny: scarce and worth celebrating. So I celebrate this book and the author Peter Leithart by doing a [Read More...]

Gratitude: An Intellectual History (A Live Reading Part I)

When the publisher sent me Gratitude: An Intellectual History, I felt sure this would be a book worth reading. First, the topic is needed if my own life and the lives of my students are any indication. Grateful? Not so much. Second, the author writes like an angel and thinks from different angles than the normal [Read More...]

Fantasy Football, Thucydides, and Me

I love fantasy football even though it can never love me; not being a person or even Richard Dawkins. I love fantasy football, even though I am not good at it. I have won a league regular season, but never the championship. I do not stink, no Jerry Jones I, but I am no Ted [Read More...]

Happiness: My Goal

Being sad, even depressed is in the news, but whether we know it or not depression is always in the news. Hidden from view leaders, celebrities, teachers, and many of us suffer from seeming sorrows that constantly threaten to overwhelm us. I cannot help with the biological basis of depression or stress: this best left [Read More...]

Jesus, Educator: A Higher Education, Part (IV/IV)

I have been told by marketing friends that in the United States only Abraham Lincoln is better liked than Jesus. Given Lincoln’s wonderful heritage to this nation, the popularity of Father Abraham makes sense. Jesus is, of course, to most Americans the Son of God, Savior, and the central figure in their religious beliefs. Yet [Read More...]

On Earth as It Is in Heaven: A Higher Education (III/IV)

If you do not know Jesus, you will not go to Heaven when you die, you will go to Hell and that is a place most to be avoided. Imagine living in Newark, New Jersey without the charm while stuck in conversation with Vlad Putin without the wit. . . for eternity. Jesus came to [Read More...]

Don’t Just Be Nice: A Higher Education (II/IV)

As the bill for school comes due, many of us ask: “Why pay for higher education?” The answer is found in Scripture and founded the university. Even if most schools have forgotten the foundations, there are a few educational leaders who remember. Let’s Be Nice When We Can The leader of real education recently spoke [Read More...]

A Higher Education (I/IV)

Students return, professors are prepared, staff is ready: education continues. I love this time of year: fresh Moleskine for my notes, reading Homer and Thucydides for class, getting ready for HBU’s first home football game. . . ever. But what is it that we returned to do? Higher education is in turmoil nationally about this [Read More...]

While We Sleep: The Guns of August

When one of my children is sick, nothing else matters to me. The world and the world’s troubles seem far away and I want to mind my own business. Wisdom is to be found in this attitude: I am not God and the cares of the globe are too great for me. We cannot always [Read More...]

Nothing Comes from Nothing

Maria was not a Problem. Maria was right.  Sound of Music is not the source of all truth, but it is frequently true. When wondering where to start, the beginning is a good place to start: whether A, B, C or Do, Re, Mi. Another truth Maria sings is that “nothing comes from nothing.”  Oddly, certain [Read More...]