Grand Old Problem

I did not vote for President Obama, twice, I did not vote for Bill Clinton, twice, and I regret none of those four choices. My family has been overwhelmingly Republican since Lincoln made our home a state. When Virginia and the Democrats rebelled, we seceded from Virginia and joined the Grand Old Party to save [Read More...]

Beware Fake College or Cash Cow Degrees

Beware: higher education is changing. Many schools that exist today will not exist tomorrow and to make matters worse scams happen. The faster change comes, the more bogus programs will develop. What are signs of a bad deal educationally? Beware the unaccredited program.  If a school is Harvard, it need not be accredited. If your [Read More...]

Monty Python: Five TV Shows That Mattered (V)

It was funny once. If you are my age and had a bad case of Anglophilia combined with warped humor, then late night PBS introduced you to the lads: the comedy team called Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Televised comedy when I was a kid was not funny. I was too late for the best of [Read More...]

Hawaii Five O: Five Television Shows that Mattered (IV)

Jack Lord’s Steve McGarret was Captain Kirk as a Catholic. Hawaii Five O took traditional American morals through the late sixties and delivered them bruised, but intact to the very eve of the Reagan election. Not every show spawns a reboot, but Lord’s care with each episode and reinvestment in his property paid off in cultural [Read More...]

Sound and Fury

Most Americans would be fine during an extended government shutdown and the longer it goes the more people will realize it. Our national defense is not shut down, the mail is being delivered, and Social Security checks will arrive. Some Americans will be be inconvenienced, but opponents of Obamacare are not apt to give up [Read More...]

Mr. Putin? Any Ideas?

The wily Brownshirt in the Kremlin, Mr. Putin, saved us from an immediate debacle in Syria. He must be wondering if Mr. Obama is going to call and ask him to deal with Congress and the government shutdown. Sadly for the President, Putin is unlikely to help, because as our Interim Leader he would have [Read More...]

Star Trek: Five TV Shows That Mattered (III)

Star Trek delayed my Dad’s pastoral visit: it had that power. He came to visit a family and they paused him while they finished an original series episode. He understood. A world without DVR’s was like that. Picking Star Trek as a show that mattered is obvious, because it was one of the first television shows that [Read More...]

The Dick Van Dyke Show: Five TV Shows that Mattered (II)

What The Andy Griffith Show did for life in the South, the Dick Van Dyke Show did for the suburbs: TV showed a way that a tract home could house great things or at least great fun. I can never take complaints about the soulless life there seriously, because I knew that Rob and Laura could make [Read More...]

The Andy Griffith Show: Five Television Shows that Mattered (I)

Would I have married her if she did not love the Andy Griffith Show? Probably, but we would not have been as close as we are. Growing up I learned more from reruns of the Andy Griffith Show, than from any number of school classes. I cannot be the only one of my generation. The Andy Griffith Show is [Read More...]

A Whole Soul: The Goal of Education (Part IV)

What should I want for those I love? I want them to be happy, of course, but not at the cost of their soul. If hurting other people makes them happy, then I would prefer those I love be less happy, but better human beings. That is obvious, plain enough that I sometimes forget it [Read More...]