“Have a (nearly) Cheerless Lent!” He said thoughtfully.

Recently someone said: “Happy Lent!” I paused and considered. Lent strikes me as a terrifically unhappy time of the year. If we are having a happy Lent in that sense of “happy,” we are doing something wrong. Now I could be Mr. Philosophy and point out that “happy” can mean “human flourishing” as the Declaration uses [Read More...]

On “Person of Interest,” Nelson Eddy, and Jeanette MacDonald, and Other Related Pop Cultural Items

Person of Interest forgot what it was as a television show, and so is dying, soon to be forgotten. Evidently, the producers of the show could not recollect the likely fan base of a show starring Jim Caviezel as they began to write based on a view of morality best suited for an entirely different [Read More...]

Why I support Israel

I would support Israel if I were not a Christian, but given that I am a Christian, I must support Israel. Why? Support for Israel is the most reasonable position and Christianity demands I choose reasonably this side of Paradise. There are no choices here between the Perfect and the Wicked, only choices between the Better and the Worse. [Read More...]

Letters to William: On God- He is Good, Even in the Old Testament (Part III)

Dear William, God, some people think is an odd sort of person, and this is true as far as it goes, if by odd one means unusual. He is not a god, since a god would merely be a superhuman but the Ground of Being. He is.  Who is He? He is best known by His [Read More...]

On Breaking Fellowship: Heresy and Sin

Here is an obvious, and uncomfortable, fact: the New Testament writers were as likely to break fellowship over bad behavior as false teaching. Right teaching was never isolated from holy living: each witnessed to the other. We need not confuse terms and call a wicked Christian a “heretic.” The attempt to justify sin often leads to bad [Read More...]

Rest In Peace: Why I Always Have Hope for the Dead

Someone once asked how I could pray that the soul of a person I know to have been a non-Christian, even the soul of an enemy of Christ like a terrorist, rest in peace. Is this just goodie good words? Am I using language to cover up a harsher reality? Best reason and experience say [Read More...]

Help me, Spock!

Only Kirk is left. Saturday nights I would endure the end of Lawrence Welk to see Star Trek. No internet summaries of episodes existed. No fan fiction was available. I bought photo-novels and recorded episodes on a tape recorder for the times when Star Trek was off the air . . . which oft occurred, though Lawrence Welk endured [Read More...]

It Can End Well

If you were Henry, everything started splendidly and ended badly. He was born King of England and much of France. He died in the Tower of London murdered by his successor. He outlived his son, went mad, and manifestly was unfit for the job of ruling Medieval England. He would have been an ideal constitutional [Read More...]

On Hating IS and Loving People

I hate IS (the Islamic State): a true perversion of Islam, monotheism, and humanity. I hate everything for which IS stands: terror, rapine, and violence. I hate it with a holy hatred because God hates IS. I love and pray for mercy toward the people who are part of IS because the eternal God loves [Read More...]

The Case for Grace (Review of a Book by Lee Strobel)

The Case for Grace is the best book Lee Strobel has written and that is praising it without damning anything else he has written. Strobel is a journalist and the argument he makes in The Case for Grace is better suited to his talents than any of his other (excellent) books. Strobel is telling readers of the transformative [Read More...]