In Defence of Father Christmas

Dear Friends and Family, As Christmas Day is fast approaching, I thought I would write on a subject rather close to my heart: Santa Claus, or as he is known here, Father Christmas. I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12, nearly 13. All in one day, I lost Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. I realise that I was older than most when I stopped believing. I had to ask my mom pointblank. She said, ‘Do… Read more

More Tolkien: Looking forward to the Hobbit

Dear Friends and Family, I just came across another video with Alison Milbank and thought I’d share it along with some other Tolkien related things I like. Also, make sure you check out The Tolkien Professor Podcast. Dr Corey Olsen has been doing this podcast for three years now and has provided some excellent insight into both Tolkien’s work and the Faerie tradition. Check out the podcast here. Also, make sure you check out his online Master’s program in English… Read more

Before The Hobbit

Dear Friends and Family, As The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, arrives on the silver screen for all peoples, I thought I would post two videos concerning Tolkien’s excellent work. The first is a video from the intelligent and wonderful Alison Milbank. The second is a video from myself on the first two, and only, so far as we know, two poems/songs that will be featured in the first film. I hope you enjoy and like me, anticipate seeing this film… Read more

A Contemplative Advent

Dear Friends and Family, Below is a link to a video on contemplation and Advent. The speaker is Phileena Heuertz and she has a website on contemplation here. I only have two comments about this video I sadly cannot embed. First, she says early on that since contemplation is about allowing ourselves to be open and receptive of God and Advent is also about making space for God in our lives, Advent isn’t a different time of year for her. I… Read more

St. Nicholas, Bishop

Along with my own brief post on St Nicholas, the poem provided by Colin here most certainly should be read. Read more

Feast of St Nicholas

Dear Friends and Family, Today is officially the day that commemorates the life of St Nicholas, bishop of Myra (which is in modern day Turkey). Many stories surround St Nicholas. He is known for having left dowry money for some poor young women so they could get married. He is also known for having slapped or punched the heretic Arius at the Council of Nicaea. I admit, I find it very interesting that even early on, St Nicholas was associated… Read more

Advent: The Waiting Begins, Again.

Dear Friends and Family, Today marks the beginning of Advent. This is a period in the western Church calendar where we wait. Like a child with our chocolate Advent calendars we wait, counting the days as they go by, for Christmas day. Hopefully we wait for more than presents. Instead we wait for the ultimate gift, for Christ. You see, from the time of Genesis 3 where Eve is promised that one her descendants will crush the serpent’s head, that… Read more

My C. S. Lewis Day

Dear Friends and Family, As you know, I’m working on a project of accomplishing 101 things in 1001 days. One of those things was to try out C. S. Lewis’s perfect day. In Surprised by Joy, Lewis looks back on his days at Great Bookham with his tutor Mr Kirkpatrick, also known as the Old Knock. Lewis’s Bookham days, he says, were some of the best and the model for his ideal day. The day would look something like this: 8:00… Read more

Shifting Thesis Topics (Again)

Dear Friends and Family, I still struggle, from time to time, with what the purpose of this blog should be and why/if I should continue writing for it. Nevertheless, today I have something I believe worth sharing, for those who find interesting the goings on of my life. So, to get to it. These Autumnal days are getting shorter,darker, and wetter. This morning, in fact, the world was shrouded in fog. That plus a headache led Lauren and I to… Read more

1001 things in 101 Days (Again)

Dear Friends and Family,Over the last 1002 days I participated in a project from the Day Zero Project. In my attempt to live life more intentionally, I was drawn to their concept of a bucket list with an end date (a specific one that doesn’t end with me in a pine box). We make grand lists of things to do ‘before we die.’ At Day Zero, however, they want to help us actually accomplish these goals. Thus, I attempted to… Read more

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