What am I Doing? Deification, John Cassian, and My Path to a PhD

Dear Friends, I thought today, I’d write a short blog about the main thing I’m currently working on, namely, my doctoral thesis. Since I’ve only just finished my first year as a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, my thesis doesn’t have a proper title yet. My general topic, however, is deification, John Cassian, and the contemporary significance. Let me try to distill that briefly. Deification is a notion (doctrine might be too strong of a word) that part… Read more

Beginning a New Journey

Dear Friends, This is, as you may well notice, my first post on my new blog. For this, I simply want to introduce you to myself, ever so briefly, and what you can look forward to on this blog. I am a twenty-five year old, Christian, husband (and someday father), student who likes to pretend to be a poet, writer, and theologian. I’ve been married to my wife for four years, and have been a disciple of Jesus for twelve…. Read more