CNN Just Did a Lot to Support Babies Diagnosed With Down Syndrome

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In a day and age when there are countries “eliminating” people with Down Syndrome through abortion, it was incredible to see CNN honor a woman who has dedicated her life & business to supporting those who were born with the condition.

CNN Hero the Year Amy Wright’s two youngest children have Down Syndrome and her coffee shop, Bitty and Beau’s, is run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It was a beautiful moment when she accepted her award from CNN, saying this to her children watching at home:

“I would not change you for the world but I will change the world for you.”

While Iceland and other countries may be on track to “eliminate” people with Down Syndrome, I’ve seen the awareness and appreciation for those with disabilities come to light more powerfully in America lately.

A large portion of unborn babies diagnosed with it are still aborted here, but I am hopeful that number is shrinking as people like Amy proudly bring awareness and downsize fears.

It’s a beautiful transformation to see and I hope it is the pathway to giving more of these wonderful humans a chance at life.

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