The Secrets of the Conclave… and the Church

The Papal Conclave is mysterious. But what other secrets does the Catholic Church keep? An interview with Tom Piatak, Roman Catholic commentator and Contributing Editor to the conservative journal Chronicles. Read more

Humanitarian Help and Joining a Church: Quid Pro Quo?

When do missionary groups not just help people, but proselytize them? Is there a fuzzy line between the two? Part Two of Two of our interview with Claude d’Estrée, head of the Human Traffficking Clinic and Buddhist chaplain at the University of Denver. Read more

Garry Wills on Priests, Popes, Secrecy, and the Internet

Pulitzer Prize-winner Garry Wills’ new book asks, “Why Priests?” We talk about Anglican and Orthodox priests, Papal conclaves, secrecy, and the Internet. Read more

A Code of Conduct for Anti-Trafficking Efforts

How should religious groups behave when they’re fighting human trafficking? An interview with Claude d’Estrée, Buddhist Chaplain and head of the Human Trafficking Clinic at the University of Denver. Read more

Proselytizing While Fighting Trafficking: Human Rights Violation?

A Buddhist anti-human trafficking expert says that religious NGOs should adhere to strict standards about trying to spread their faith while on rescue missions. But what exactly should those standards be? Read more

How Buddhist Nuns Fight Human Trafficking in Nepal

An interview with the Venerable DhammaVijaya, one of two Buddhist nuns who have independently set up DhammaMoli, a Theravadan community in Nepal for girls at risk of being trafficked. It’s a unique story — and one that could change the debate about American anti-trafficking efforts. Read more

How is Religion Used to Justify an Economic Ideology?

Popular Calvinist preacher Dr. R. C. Sproul is promoting his new DVD series, “Economics for Everybody”. In this interview, we tease out precisely what he means by “economics” and “everybody”. His answers raise a new question: how do clerics use their religious authority to try to influence people’s economic behavior? Read more

Are American Anti-human Trafficking Efforts on Shaky Moral Ground?

A lot of people have an opinion on this question. I don’t. So I conducted a series of interviews on it which led to a hot blogospheric exchange between academic specialists in gender studies, and Evangelical Christians who have taken charge of much of America’s recent surge in the battle against the trade of human beings for sex and forced labor. At the end of this post, I have a new question for all of you. I originally spoke with Yvonne… Read more