ANDREW SULLIVAN SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO THE REGISTER: So that he’d know that he’s wigging about Scalia’s death-penalty remarks. (Scroll down.) Rod Dreher answered him pretty well over at The Stealth Bloggers, but just in case you’re still wondering whether “the usual defenders of Catholic orthodoxy” really were as silent as Sullivan says, here’s that Reg editorial again. But Sullivan often trots out this weird attitude that the Church’s teaching on the death penalty (which he fudges anyway) is more stringent, requiring a higher level of fidelity, than the Church’s teaching on sexual morality (especially contraception and homosexual sex). There’s nothing that says the Church’s teaching on the death penalty is more stringent simply because it deals with “matters of life and death,” rather than merely how we show our love for one another, or what we do with the bodies God gave us.

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