GLOBOFLUFF: What the WEFers are doing with their evenings, from that same old Post article (note that this is what the WEF participants are up to, not the protesters–I think my original e-mail to Glenn Reynolds was unclear): “Ravi Shankar discusses ‘What is Sacred in Today’s World.’ Yusuf Islam (aka 1960s folk singer Cat Stevens) discusses education with Sidney Poitier and Quincy Jones. And the really big thinkers ponder ‘Me and Everybody Else: Identity in a Globalized World’ over some fine vintage Bordeaux at Le Bernardin on West 51st Street.

“For those who are Sybill-inclined, there is a chance to nestle into a confab with Hollywood activist types Warren Beatty and Michael Mann. Their identity-twisting topic seems perfect for a world turned upside down.

“The title of their seminar: ‘Friction with Fiction: How Do I Become Someone Else?'”

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