Been spending most our lives living in the Blog Watch paradise…

(Uh, there aren’t actually any blog links here. It’s just news about this site, and two cool links.)

First, I have not forgotten that I promised to write about immigration. But this week is super-hectic–and last night I was up way too late playing canasta rummy with some fun Republicans (not an oxymoron! –despite the fact that canasta rummy is truly the game of old ladies) so I won’t be posting much today either. Expect immigration post some time before Tuesday. In lieu of that post, go read this good article from NRO on dual citizenship.

Second, I did some more stuff over at Questions for Objectivists. There’s a post on Objectivism and humor; an exchange between me and Perry de Havilland; and two more random questions. I should also note that to the extent that the site succeeds in engaging with Rand’s philosophy, it’s largely due to my conversations with Emmy Chang, Irina Manta, and Gene Vilensky, so if you like the site, you’re in their debt.

Finally, Scientific American has published an article on the psychology of modern-day slavery. Haven’t read yet, but it looks like an important piece of work.

Oh, and I just added my two unpublished articles/essays/whatever on cloning to the permalinks list. “Against Therapeutic Cloning” is pretty self-explanatory; “Love in the Time of Cloning” is a shorter article against reproductive cloning. Read ’em and annoy InstaPundit.

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