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I spent way too much time today wrestling a horrendous monster of an article on welfare reform, so this is about the best I can do. To all the people who sent in slogan suggestions, thanks–I’ll print the best of them on Friday. For now, check out the list over at Yale’s Finest Blog, which is also hosting a running debate on Catholic universities for reasons that escape me.

Charles Murtaugh: “I’m down with death, too, don’t get me wrong,” but Kass is still a schmuck amuck (great post); Mullah Omar is about to hit a chestnut tree.

Ted Barlow: Two of the links you’ll find below (he has great taste, no?), plus an incredibly long thing about single-payer healthcare and why it would rock (and why it’s not socialized medicine). I have no clue if he’s right, but if health policy interests you, read it.

Andragna: Several good points on the priest scandals. (What, you expected a catchy pun in that description?)

Spinsters: Free yourself from “slave name” misconceptions; public art (now, without the sucking!); Derrida: “That number is not acceptable within my artichoke.”

Jeff Jarvis: Catholic hierarchy is shredding its credibility; Mohammed is not Jesus, or why we shouldn’t be surprised at Islamic fundamentalism. (I’d add that the Quran is supposed to have been given to Mohammed without the intervention of canonizers, unlike the Hebrew Bible or the New Testament. Christian “fundamentalists,” weirdly, accept the tradition that canonized the Bible–no Gospel of Thomas, no Nicodemus, etc.–but reject that tradition’s interpretation of the Bible.)

MuslimPundit: Mohammed is still not Jesus; Islamism is fuzzy, but not warm.

And now I have to leave the office or I will start some total jihad over here.

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