REJECTED CAMPAIGN SLOGANS: Yes folks, it’s contest time! Give me slogans for the Democrats; the GOP; the Libertarians; or the Greens. Best will be published. Some samples (mostly by a friend–she’ll remain anonymous until I check if she wants her name on these):

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Asking what your country can do for you.

Don’t settle for the market wage.

THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Because we have to have rules.

Remember Communism? Didn’t that suck?

Can we get some service here?

Moral superiority + fundraising.

Working hard to get “those people” to vote for us.

I’m wearing pants.

THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY. A pothole on the road to serfdom.

Because you’re sick and tired of being pushed around by the other kids.

When hell freezes over, we’ll be there.

Almost Nietzschean.

THE GREEN PARTY. Baby seals: Like the poor, but cuter.

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