HAPPY, FUN RUSSO RELAPSE: So many new blogs! First, Sara Russo has a blog! And not just a blog–it’s a Republic. Check out the bright, cheerful colors, very Russo-like. I have no idea what she will post, but I bet she would cook you pasta if you asked nicely.

Second, I’ve just been spending some time poking around Relapsed Catholic, and strongly recommend it. (And not just because she links to me, either.) Good stuff. Your basic tough-minded Catholic link-o-rama.

Third, there’s Happy Fun Pundit. Just learned that he also bags on Minkowitz Star Trek article. But I promise we don’t say (exactly) the same things–he talks more about the socialism-lite stuff. Also, he’s got good stuff on Kuwait, Dubya, and steel

And finally, Electrolite has much goodness (like an excellent snippet of a Michael Walzer article in Dissent–basically, much of the antiwar Left is acting with the childishness of people who have never been responsible for others’ lives). The site features great headlines (“Issues of Steel, Blogs of Kleenex”) and good sense. Plus he calls his comment feature “Midrash,” which wins big points with me. Maybe I’ll add a comments feature… uh, right after I figure out how to use AddFreeStats. Yes, I’m a dork.

I will be updating the links-list soon. Really. And to my Objectivist readers: I have not forgotten you.

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